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I love these post but they always reminds me that Sunday soon comes around and Monday is hot on our heels. This next week is going to be a big heap of I’d rather not as I have my biggest event of the year down in London on Saturday, so yup a 6 day week for me. It’s a massive event as well so it’s going to be a long couple of days but we are holding it at ETC Venues St Paul’s. It’s a new (ish) venue I have found for this event, it is so contemporary and completely different to Imperial College where we used to hold this event so I am looking forward to that part at least. Anyway, these are my weekly trends this week.

Going Up

London Grammar – London Grammar recently covered Bitter Sweet Symphony, I heard this on Wednesday and I just feel in love with it. I love the original and if I had heard of anyone trying to cover this song I would be sceptical but if you are going to cover a track like that you do it completely differently, and they have. I mean, if you don’t like London Grammar and this song means something you will hate it, but you can listen to some of it here. Bitter Seet Symphony is one of the handful of songs I could listen to on repeat for days and still never tire of it, it’s so nostalgic to my childhood. I have two fairly young parents who still have amazing taste in music and a sister 6 years older than me, so when I was a child I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything a normal child would have liked to listen to that’s a lie I had Billy Piper’s album. It’s also one of those songs that remind me of drunk nights with close friends when you are so past it, you are blasting this out at the top of your voice with arms spread wide. Weird what songs can do but have a listen.

Little surprises from my mummy– The only person I am texting at the minute is myself, constant things I need to remind myself to do which I would forget otherwise. It seems I am in a full time committed relationship to myself, and my work which is pretty tragic I know. So when Valentines came round I knew it was going to be a bit of a spade to the face that I make zero time for other things especially when all my family are loved up but when I nipped home Tuesday lunch time to walk the dogs there were presents left on the kitchen worktop for me. My Mum and my Nephew had been round let themselves in and left me little surprises and she also ordered me a new book. Who needs a guy when they have a family like this?

The first trip of the year booked – Actually got it in the diary, apartment booked. We are off to Prague, I am so excited. I really want to make the most of this year, get as many city breaks in as I can. I am hoping for Berlin in the summer and Copenhagen around November time but we shall see how this goes.

Light after work twice this week – My girls get 5 pm updates when I leave the office and it is still light. This week I have really noticed that the light nights are creeping in and it fills me with absolute joy. This winter feels like it has gone on and on. Monday was so lovely all day, which I was pretty pissy about because the weekend had been so vile but come 5 pm when it was still nice I literally ran home and took the dogs out, the light after work has completely changed my mood, I cannot wait for Spring.

Going Down

Pre-event panic attacks – I know, I know I will be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse, I don’t have a backup plan, I am the one in the movies that goes first because they are too scared. Prep for this event on Saturday has gone fine, I am not looking forward to it, but that is not because I am unprepared quite the contrary, I am just tired and tired of travelling and tired of budget hotels in London.  Regardless of the size, or how well prepared I feel for an event the week before I have onset panic attacks usually about 3-4 am in the morning where I just panic about everything work related. I set unrealistic time frames in my head for the simplest of tasks and convince myself even if I climbed out of bed then and there and went to work I still won’t have enough time. So on Friday morning, this happened at 2:42 and I didn’t get back to sleep. The only plus side is I read a lot, cleaned, hoovered and mopped the living room and did my washing.

Not Shopping – I realised the other day I haven’t been clothes shopping since June. That includes online shopping as well for clothes. I bought something quickly for NYE and I picked up two long sleeve T-shirts from Primark before Christmas but that is it. So one I am sorry that I am behind on anything that is on the high street at the minute and two I am eternally grateful that my sister still shops and I can wear her new things and my mum picks me up the odd things. March I am definitely going to treat myself to a few new Spring/ Summer staples.

My no shows at the gym- really these are going up, I haven’t been in over a week. To be honest my new year resolutions aren’t going well at all the minute.

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