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Back in November, I wrote a post 20 things my Instagram won’t tell you. It was miserable outside, I was saving my money, having zero fun and had just woken from a long nap. Yup I know, it was a bad time and felt there was zilch left to lose by throwing a bit honesty out there about my current situation. What I didn’t expect was all the lovely comments I received from girls I had never met before, a lot from concerned friends (soz girls) but the best part was just the feeling of being honest. After this I decided if I could do anything with my blog, it would be spent showing the world that social media and images out on the internet are not the full stories. There are real people behind those profiles with real a life just like me and you and just because it looks rosy it’s not everything, and sometimes the things that mean the most to someone are not always shown.

In a world where we are filled with negativity we don’t need any more unrealistic competition and unachievable goals because like I have said 1000 times before nobody shows the bad stuff, and that is fine. We wouldn’t want to follow an Instagram filled with ‘I am having a shit day’ and I know I’m up there with the worst offenders by only showing the glossier sides of my life on my account, but some days when you are feeling low and you just need a bit of perspective it’s not always easy to remember this.

So to make your Friday brighter, I have teamed up with some of my favourite girls from the blogging world to bring you this mini-series Things my Instagram won’t tell you. 

My first girl is Sophie Cliff, if anyone has followed me for a while you will have seen me mention Sophie a lot, I love her blog, she is stylish, beautiful, funny, kind and best of all she is so honest. I have never met Sophie and yet I feel like I could have gone to school with her, so this is her post on the things her Instagram won’t tell you.

Sophie Cliff


My name is Sophie – by day I sell toys for a living and by night I write the blog SophieCliff.com. I’m a big fan of the finer things in life – especially holidays, good food and a large glass of wine!

I’ve been on Instagram for around 3 or 4 years now, but have definitely used it more actively since starting my blog a couple of years ago. I love that it’s such a creative platform and I also really enjoy that it acts as a little visual diary of what I’ve been up to. It’s nice to have little snippets of your life to look back on, isn’t it?

That being said, I think we all know better than to take Instagram at face value. It’s a highlight reel full of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of life, as opposed to a warts and all snapshot of life. That being said, here are 10 things that my Instagram profile doesn’t show people…

1) That at least one night a week I just can’t face making a real grown up dinner and just have cereal/toast/a yoghurt instead.

2) That my house is almost always a mess. My desk is unorganised, there are piles of random crap in every room and my kitchen is BLUE. Yes, blue. Not very Insta-friendly.

3) That some days, my anxiety goblin gets the better of me and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and ignore the world.

4) That I wear slobbish clothes far more regularly than I would like to admit. PJs are just way too comfy guys.

5) That travelling and going away isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. Those edited photos don’t always reflect the flight delays and early starts and jetlagged faces.

6) That suffering with IBS means I look 6 months pregnant at least 60% of the time.

7) That my fave meal in the whole world is my Mum’s roast dinner. Let’s face it – it just isn’t as Instagrammable as avo on toast!

8) That the best nights out are the ones where you’re so busy having fun that you forget to take a single snap for your grid.

9) That my boyfriend is probably glaring at me while I take just one more photo of his flat white.

10) That wedding planning really isn’t that much fun. It may look like Prosecco and bridal mags and dress shopping on Insta, but really it’s just a lot of admin and expense!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Sophie for taking part in this, enjoy your weekend and remembers its ok if its spent in your pjs drinking tea and night sipping some over priced cocktail on a roof top bar, it’s still bloody cold out. Happy Friday!

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