The easiest carb free pancakes.

Today marks my favourite day of February, not only is it the last day,  it is also pancake day. I always forget just how easy pancakes are to make and vow every year that I will continue to make them on a daily basis, and then realising I’ve not had one until February rolls around again. Like everything delicious and satisfying pancakes probably aren’t the healthiest snack to start your morning or to binge on before bed. These little beauts, however, are completely carb and guilt free.  I won’t sit and lie to you, Wednesday night I am going to my friend’s house for a traditional pancake feast, where I plan to eat them until I feel sick, smothered in caramel sauce or peanut butter. However, if you are looking for a way to enjoy a guilt free pancake day or if you can’t have flour, these are for you. They are so simple to make, I feel a bit of a fraud even writing about them. You literally just need one banana and two eggs. To me, they taste just like the real thing. They have the same texture and consistency so you can add whatever topping you would like and roll them up and to top them off they are completely paleo.


1 Banana

2 eggs

Whisk one banana and two eggs together, (I use my Nutri-bullet for this, it works a treat).

Fry in the pan as you would a traditional pancake for a couple of minutes, flip of course.

Serve and enjoy.



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