My Five Moments – February

I couldn’t be happier that March is finally here. March through till September I am happy to live in England. Yeah sure the weather is still bad, it still snows, always rains and is often a lot colder than you expect it to be, but there is light. We get a life outside of work and the countryside begins to look just that bit prettier. February for me is always a bit of filler month, January brings that new optimism of the new year and March I finally feel Spring is showing its face and of course this March we are going Prague. Despite the drag February can be, I have still had a lovely month, filled with family, loads of time with my nephew who makes me laugh like no other, and who changes every day, my event that went really well, and I managed to get some house jobs ticked off. These are five of my most grateful moments.

Night in for my sisters birthday – February marks my older sister’s birthday, so we do have something to look forward to. This year she just wanted to stay in and cook for us which was perfect. It was a Tuesday night and she made the most delicious starters, of french onion soup in a bread roll and three cheese baked in a bread roll, followed by lasagna (A whole turkey mince one for me) and my favorite sticky toffee puddings from Aldi (sounds more like my birthday).  She had invited close family and two family friends Paul and Sue who have helped us no end with Todhpurs as a bit of a thank you. It all got completely out of hand for a Tuesday night, once all the wine was gone, Paul was nipping back to their house to find more drink, leaving us with some rather obscure ginger liquor which I won’t be consuming in a hurry again. It was such a fun night, my sister’s partner is a paramedic and works shifts so it’s rare that we get an evening with him so it rounded off to be a great birthday for her. The cherry on top is that Pip and I have booked the three of us a spa day. I can’t wait for a message.

Nights out with my friends – I have found lately that I have let myself get into a bit of hermitty rut. I can easily convince myself to stay in on a Saturday night, catch up on some tv and do some work. This month instead of being such a recluse I made myself say yes to plans before I had time to think about it or worry if I was going to be 3rd or 5th wheeling and go see my friends. I have been out for dinner with friends I don’t see enough off, enjoyed my favorite blue Monday at Yo Sushi had many a night where I have laughed until I cried. I always tell myself I can’t do stuff because I am saving money but I have so many lovely memories from February from just saying yes.

Booking Prague – This month I actually booked my first trip, I am off to Prague with my two sisters and some of my all time favorites. I have wanted to visit Prague for so long so we thought it would make the perfect city break to kick start the year. I have a real travel bug at the moment. I suspect all the saving has to give me a need for adventure. I would really like to book a big trip to America, or see Bali again or somewhere a bit different. I thought I just wanted to do city breaks this year but my skin is seriously craving some sun and R&R.

Walking the dogs after work – This may seem like such a small thing, but I got Dougal in July when the weather was good and the nights were long. I would take him out morning, noon and night. But then winter rolled in and I have either had to take him out in my lunch hour so he can have a good run or take him out in the dark after work. This was until a few weeks ago when I left work on a Friday night and it was still LIGHT. I was in the world’s best mood. I met my Dad with the dogs and walked around one of our favourite walks. It gave me that spring in my step (excuse the pun) that I needed after this winter.

Working on Todhpurs – This month has been a really busy month with Todhpurs and I am still and always will be so grateful for all the help and encouragement with have with the brand. The feedback has been lovely and I have met some wonderful people along the way. It is always testing me and putting me way out of my comfort zones and has taught me things I would have never dreamed I would need to know.

I already can’t believe how quick we get through these months.


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