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Sorry about last week guys, I had such a busy week with event prep and Todhpurs, I won’t even deny it, I completely forgot about my weekly trends until Sunday morning, instead of rushing to post something, I made myself a cup of tea and got back into bed. Rest assured they are back and hopefully I won’t forget one again. These are my weekly trends for this week.

Going up

ASOS beauty – I have become slightly addicted to ASOS Beauty. I love all of ASOS but my monthly treats keep growing and cosmetics are much more affordable than clothes. I love the different range of products ASOS has from high end to cool quirky brands you would have never heard of. I would definitely recommend a browse.

La La Land – A few weeks back I finally found some time to watching La La Land. I had heard mixed reviews but I love musicals and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are my favourite pairings. They have done so much together and they don’t disappoint in this. I know there has been a fair bit of criticism for this film from movie buffs and musical lovers but I loved it and I already can’t wait to see it again.

Monday Lunch catch up with the girls – I still had some holiday left over from last year which had to be used by the end of February so after my Student Event (which went rather well I will add) was over I decided to take some time off to catch up on all the things I have missed (like these posts). Luckily my friend Becky was off that day and some of my self-employed pals too so we booked to go to the Tithe Barn in a village called Cosby. We have been here before on one of our days off and loved it so we decided to do it again. It was so nice to catch up with them all, have a good old gossip over some lovely food and sickly hot chocolate. It was just what I needed after a stressful week.

Morning spin class – I am not claiming to be some super fit dedicated gym goer, I have only made this spin class once so far this year but I feel so good for it. There is a spin class at 6:30 on a Thursday morning at my gym and I use to love it, I use to turn up religiously. Don’t get me wrong, it was much easier in the summer months when it was already light outside instead of rain pelting down on my window. On Wednesday, however, my sister said she was going with her boss so I decided if she was getting up I would join her. The wake up was hellish but boy did I feel good walking out of there at 7:30 with exercise out of the way. Although I really think Ariana Grande may have ruined spinning for me, I’m puffing away, trying hard not to sway side to side in some sort of spoof where I flick my ponytail by mistake and it sticks to my sweaty face instead. Needless to say, it is not an attractive look but I really want to get into a routine with it because my day always seems so much easier if I have got exercise out of the way early.

Going Down

House maintenance from Doris – We were quite fortunate to not be that disrupted from storm Doris. I walk to work so there were no traffic issues for me, but it did blow a panel of our fence down. Living with my sister means there is no man in the house to turn to and make them do these rubbish jobs I hoped I would never have to deal with, like fence maintenance.

Missing posts – When I started this series I decided Sunday would be the best day of the week to publish it, as it marked the last day and also I would have the weekend to write them so there would be no excuse to not publish one a week. I thought it fail proof but this week showed me it doesn’t matter how much you plan sometimes you have to prioritise other things. So I apologise for not being here on Sunday hopefully won’t happen again.

Pre Dentist anxiety – Things are moving forward fast with my braces which has left me anxious enough but what is worse is the increasing amount of dentist appoints I have to go to. I am sitting here awaiting my name to be called out, my nerves have just rocketed out of the atmosphere. I know they are not going to kill me, I only saw them two weeks ago. I am doing breathing exercise like some crazy woman in labour. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping teeth I like will make it all worth it.


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