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This is one of those random posts that doesn’t really relate to anyone or anything but me, but sometimes they are ones I enjoy the most, and the ones I find most cathartic. Don’t worry I am not revealing a secret persona I’ve not told you about, it really is not that exciting, the vague title was a result of just not really knowing what to call this.

I was writing our first post for Todhpurs here a few weeks back, about the horses, the farm and my childhood and it just came so easily to me. I loved writing about them all which got me thinking how much easier writing posts are when you are truly and deeply passionate about something.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog, I love the topics I write on, otherwise I wouldn’t write them. I don’t ever start a post thinking I need to write this because of this or that. I write them because it’s something I want to do, but writing my post for Todhpurs just showed me how natural writing about my one main passion in life felt. I really don’t show this side of my life on here at all really, which is a shame because to me it’s the biggest part of me and my life. I think this blog has channelled the city lover inside of me, the one who still kind of wishes she could be living in London or who had at least lived down there for a period of time, but that is definitely not the whole me, I wouldn’t even say it touches on half of me. It doesn’t represent how I really enjoy spending my free time and what I do to relax, have fun or escape besides reading.

I think growing up on a farm was the best experience I could have ever asked for. I had gone from a very quiet suburban area in a town where we were surrounded by older neighbours. We were the only family from the few houses on the road so there wasn’t ever much going on or for us to do outside. So to go from there to the freedom of the farm where I could see my horse from my window and my friends could keep their ponies there too was like heaven to me until I hit 15 at least.

Going to what is Mum’s farm now and not home *sob* is the best type of therapy anyone could wish for, even in the mud, the freezing cold and constant jobs there is something about the love of an animal which makes life so much better. My post for Todhpurs really just sums up how lucky I have been but I wanted to share with you just a lil’ slice of home and some photos of the fluffy/ furry ones at the farm that make life so great.


My Sister’s Cavapoo Indie in the snow at home
                                                    Pixie enjoying some winter sunshine in Grandad’s Orchard
                                                                   My nephew George in his Todhpurs boots
Sunshine walks with my fave
Pixie in Hayledge heaven
Me and Woody not enjoying the lack of sunshine
Errol and our homebred foal Rocket


Lulu getting polo ready
Holly and Errol enjoying some sun




My boys. Rooney and Dougal

Holly in Grandad’s Orchard



All but two of the photographs were taken by me so feel free to use them if you would like to.




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