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These weeks absolute fly by, and I have to say this has been another great one. It has been filled with loads of positives, some great emails, lovely catch up with friends, dinner with the family, lots of laughter, some exercise and just a bit of time to chill out and catch up. Oh and of course a lovely Friday afternoon in my favourite City. 

Going up

TV– I have managed to cram in some really good series lately. I have just finished the new series of Suits, which after a slog in the middle finished amazingly, always the way. I watched Roots on Iplayer, after investing a lot of time in Taboo and not loving it I was sceptical with BBC but Roots is probably going to be the best thing I watch this year, I don’t know how it was only BBC4. It is a remake of the original series you probably watched at school but I really do recommend watching it. I am now just catching up on the new series of HBO girls ( a complete contrast to the other two) it’s such a good escape series. Quick add on the Replacement on BBC is a must, caught up on it this weekend and it is so addictive.

Deliveries – Chocolate, frames, makeup – This week I have received an abundance of parcels and deliveries and I have to admit I have loved it. From the eye cream of dreams from Kiehl’s, my glorious antique copper frames from Bellandblue.com and my mum nipping round with two bars of my favourite Green and Blacks chocolate – sea salt and butterscotch (if anyone was wondering) little midweek presents were clearly just what I needed.

International women’s day – It was so nice logging on to various forms of social media throughout the day on Wednesday and seeing so many girls and women, celebrating being us. There was a constant stream of supportive posts of women building each other and empowering each other. I loved the midweek motivation.

Chick n Sours – Good God I don’t know where to start with this place. Quite frankly the best eatery we have visited for a long time. The spicy wings were outrageous, If I could eat here again today I would be there. I think I will do a whole post on it because it was that good! I am sure any Londoner reading this must be thinking I am going mad, it is just a small place serving chicken but it was incredible and we don’t get these places in Leicester. I am finally beginning to feel hungry again after the world’s largest fried chicken burger. PLEASE SEND ME ANOTHER ONE!

Going Down

My diet – I have so many good intentions, I follow Joe Wickes like a loyal disciple but I just haven’t managed to curb some cravings and the cheese nights are still at their height of glory. My fitness is getting a bit better so I am hoping praying they come together soon because that new bikini will be wasted otherwise. I have been spoilt with so many meals this week, which usually would have stared in my going up section but my waistline isn’t thanking me for it. 

Brace anxiety – One minute I am really excited about my braces, I mean I will never be excited to have them on but I am eggar to begin the process so I can have them off and have nice teeth again. However the other night I had major brace anxiety. They were just worries that no one will want to talk to me and I will look like a mixed up teenager. I have a wonderful group of friends, but they are a bunch of absolute natural beauties so I am a bit apprehensive, to say the least, to be alongside them at weddings this summer, them looking like 10s and me looking like something out of an American spoof but the panics have died down and I keep telling myself the results will be worth it. 

Charity shop blunder – On Sunday last week I helped my mum clear the loft out at her house and my old bedroom where I had left a lot of my old things. I put to one side all the things I wanted to take home with me along with my Marc Jacobs bag in its dust bag. I took my nephew George out to do the horses and thought nothing of it (tbh I forgot all about the stuff) until Wednesday when after exchanging a few family messages panic washed over me that my mum had accidently sent my bag to the charity shop. After an hour of sweating, and texts we managed to locate my stuff and my bag. Luckily my Grandma owns the charity shops so she saved them and they are now safely residing with her until I can be reunited with them all. It was a hairy moment, for my poor panicked mum. 


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