15 times our teenage years were better than being an adult

(They are cream leggings FYI, Gah)

They say they were the best days of our lives, I am really not too sure about that. Yes I took for granted the short hours I was actually captive for, being home by 3:30 was a luxury I didn’t appreciate at the time but being a teenager was an experience I would never want to repeat, unless I could go back and do it now, knowing what I now know, like how to do my hair nicely, blend eye shadow and not be a massive dick.

When I was a teenager I really didn’t have a clue who I was, I was treated badly by a few but didn’t use that experience to make myself a better person I just used it as a standard to treat others. I had no confidence in myself as an individual and I was so easily influenced. Luckily a million miles away from the person I feel like I am today.

My life was so different when I look back I hardly recognise the people we were. Weekends were spent inside watching shipwrecked and you couldn’t even blame the hangover because one lol you were 14 and you couldn’t handle a Smirnoff ice and two you had been in all weekend coding your myspace so nothing but your ever changing top 5 and profile photo could be seen and carefully selecting the most cringeworthy song to feature to impress your crush.

Despite the traumatic memories of trying to straighten my frizzy dead hair with cosmo hair straighteners that you had to put water in and steam over your hair. The babycham everything I had when I headed into my more ‘greebo’ days, and taking a bus to school that had ‘ride the beaver’ plastered all over it. There were some major benefits of being a teenager that being an independent more carefree adult just doesn’t offer such as:

  • Someone else buying your food – Being an adult so far has consisted of existing and paying for food. I always wondered how I was so financial comfortable shall we say when I was at uni, but coming home and taking all the food I didn’t have to pay for was definitely the answer.
  • Having no concern for how much bills cost – Heating was there to keep me warm and that was what I was going to use it for.
  • Hearing that the dentist and hygienist were more important than a night out but not giving AF, because you know, priorities. 
  • Being able to sleep in your makeup and wash it off in the shower without a care in the world about signs of ageing
  • Someone to iron bedsheets I know this is no necessity but our cleaner, when I was a teenager, used to iron my bedsheets before I put them back on my bed, and it was a luxury I was introduced to and really don’t want to live without. But has anyone tried this?   There is so much sheet, compared to the tiny ironing board, and my god is it boring. It is something I miss on a daily basis. 
  • Never giving a second thought to whether you were going to get married or have children.
  • Not doing any exercise (besides from horse riding) and not caring about it because your metabolism literally burnt calories as you consumed them. Exercise was for the girls that did GCSE PE and thankfully that wasn’t me. 
  • Seeing your friends on a daily basis and again all weekend too. Catching the bus to school at 8 am just to sit in the 6th form coffee shop to watch Jeremy kyle and prison break. 
  • House parties- so low cost and low maintenance
  • The drama was so trivial it wouldn’t have even made Daily Mail sidebar
  • The only friend issues you had was how many names you could fit in your MSN messenger name 
  • Nights out (if god forbid there was no house party) consisted of parties at the local rugby club, where you could end up passed out in the toilet for just £8. Not that I swap my Saturdays in with Dougal for this, but the cost of drinking is definitely more appealing.
  • Hangovers just weren’t a thing you ever experienced despite, being carried home and puking until you had no stomach lining left. 
  • Having double the amount of new clothes you currently have now despite not having a job
  • Passing your driving test and swearing nothing like Mots, tyres, and services will make you not love the new found freedom and your shiny clean car. lol.

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  • Hey Jade, Just came across your blog as we have a mutual friend on Fb who posted about this post. Really like your wordpress theme nice layout! This post I can relate too the old myspace days, having so many clothes even though the part time job was very part time, hairstyles….questionable, nightouts were the best and a hangover…what was that word? Something to do with hanging laundry? haha. But really enjoyed reading this post keep up the good work!

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