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Another week done, are we really heading into the final weeks of March?? Seriously? I have a feeling this is going to be another year that flashes before our eyes! I have had a crazy busy week, but managed to squeeze another quick trip down to my favourite city Thursday and Friday. I really would like a second home there *dreams*!

Going up 

Springhouse – I spend the entire winter hating my house. The open spaces leave it cold, the dogs bring so much dirt and dust back in and I am always trying to keep it clean. Spring (have I mentioned spring enough lately?) however is a different story. The house catches so much sunlight on the back and in the garden and those unaesthetic large windows that cover the house suddenly become a delight when the sunlight floods in. I love our garden and I love the sunlight that fills the lounge all through the day, everything looks so much prettier. 

Dressing for Spring – On Monday the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I had been spinning before work. I felt like I could take on just about anything, as if I was one of those unrealistically successful people that rise at five to run and meditate and have their assistant waiting at the door with coffee (I watch too many films) whilst the latter is not true (having an assistant waiting with coffee, the film part, unfortunately, is far too true). I did feel pretty sassy, to say the least, and felt it was the time I leave the chunky cable knits behind and start to incorporate some of my spring wardrobe back into my life. I feel so much smarter and brighter in the spring, and oddly, subconsciously made me feel so much more capable.

Riverdale – I know new series make an appearance on the weekly trends a lot lately but I started Riverdale the other day. I love the Netflix original series, not one of them has disappointed but Riverdale is by far my favourite. It is set in a small town in America and based around the death/ murder of a school jock. I wouldn’t know how to describe it other than a bit of a cross between Gossip girl/ Twilight/ scream queens and pretty little liars (really sold it there haven’t I??) You should watch it’s pretty darn good. Although they upload weekly episodes instead of the full programme whacked up which was a pretty painful shock to the system. One I did not appreciate Netflix!


Going down

Hayfever- The past few days I have noticed I had been feeling a bit run down. I know it wasn’t a lack of sleep or even being too busy. I had made it through the winter with no flu or cold so it couldn’t have been that but I just felt so bunged up, lethargic and generally struggling and then it hit me. Mid-March has swung round so quickly I had completely forgotten about the dreaded hayfever. Tree pollen really gets to me so I am now stocked up with my antihistamine ready for the spring/ summer season. 

Opinion shoving – This stemmed from someone leaving a negative comment on our Todhpurs boots the other day. It was not due to them being made from leather which I could understand. It was a comment stating that we were disgusting for riding horses and they are not vehicles. All I will say on the matter is they have clearly not met Rooney. He is so chilled it would take us years to get anywhere if he was. What has annoyed me lately and it hasn’t just stemmed from this comment alone, is the general ignorance to people’s lives that others feel they have an expert opinion on.

Have an opinion, by all means, enjoy the freedom of speech we have the luxury of having but if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say it. And this is not me having a dig at vegans, vegetarians or people that don’t agree with my lifestyle. I understand it is not for everyone and I respect that my views are a complete contrast to others, I try as often as possible to keep them to myself. I love my animals, I have so much more love and compassion for an animal than I do humans, but human lives matter as well, so trolling people and telling them they should die just because they eat meat is not showing compassion for any sort of life at all.

On the flip side, I was saddened to see all the comments left on lucy Watson’s photo on Instagram about milk alternatives. I am a massive fan of almond milk, along with normal milk and I think there are so many health benefits to drinking plant-based alternatives. It’s her platform to share with her followers her life and the things she likes. Yes, she is vegan but if you don’t like what she is saying about it then just don’t follow her. Actual facts and figures are always left out by both parties, and I totally get these are topics people are passionate about. But jeez guys, is this the life we are going to lead? Have a view and shove it down each other’s throats? Just enjoy the fact we have the privilege to think for ourselves and have our own lives, views, and opinions and have some respect for other people’s lifestyles even if that is not the way you would choose to live your life. Luckily enough you have you own to do what you want with. Rant done.  

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