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After a far too long break, I have caught the house bug again. I was hoping this would have hit me during the winter when the weather was miserable and I was doing sweet FA but I won’t complain, progress is still progress at the end of the day. So I have flung myself fully back into browsing and purchasing furnishings and creating endless Pinterest boards of my dream kitchen and bathroom that won’t actually fit into my house.

After endless browsing for various things which I either don’t need or can’t afford I have become stuck on Marks and Spencer’s homeware page and it is safe to say I WANT THE LOT. Good God their spring summer collection is SUBLIME. If I could, I would take it all. However, I have little to no budget so these are the things I am staring at on a daily basis and praying my mum reads this blog and buys it all for me. Nevergoingtohappen.


If anyone was to suggest a year ago, I would want, and I mean really want, pink, £75 curtains in my grey and white house I would have laughed in their face, but I have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with these curtains. They would look perfect in the little spare room, despite costing what the other bedrooms curtains all cost combined. How pretty are they? I would buy them with a shorter drop as I think full could possibly look a bit garish.


I picked up a wax melt in the Tea Rose last week and it smells incredible. I love wax melts because I don’t get that pre-burn out anxiety of what life will be like once my favourite candle has gone, (yes I know). I love all of the wax melts so I really want to get my hand on this set of minis. I know they are candles but I love the coloured labels. They would sit so pretty on my sideboard.



Project kitchen is always on the cards, it’s a decision I haven’t had the courage to commit to. I have a hundred ideas going round in my head but I know full well it’s going to involve some grey subway tiles regardless and this clock will be the perfect accessory among others I am sure. I love the sage colour of it and the vintage country look.

Photo frame

This is far from my usual choice in photo frame. Around the house, my frames don’t really deviate away from the usual white and black mounted frames but I really love this frame. It is so pretty. I don’t know where I would put it but all I know is that I need it in my life. There are also around ten additional frames I would LOVE in their new collection but I am trying not to be greedy but this little Enamel grey frame and this Hollywood gift set are both far too cute.


Tea light holder

We actually had some similar vases to this from and I love them so when I saw these little tea light holders I knew I had to have them. Unlike some of the items, I have chosen these would fit in perfectly with the house and contain some of my ever worryingly growing tea light collection.

So there you have it, this is just a small fraction of the current Marks and Spencer’s range I want to get my hands on. If anyone has any current homeware favourites I would love to hear about them!

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