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I am back with the next in my Instagram series. I don’t know much longer I will continue this series for. Social media is a platform we all love and rely on. Its such a useful way in keeping in touch and marketing ourselves and our brands but it is essential we understand that we are not necessarily gaining a full story from a photo, or a comment. Since I started this series I have noticed more and more, especially on insta stories, so many people stressing the same point. 

For now, though I will continue, I love getting to know these girls, reading their posts and adding my bit and it has really helped me get a grip on my life and that really everything is relative, a point always to remember.

I would like to introduce my next blogger guest Vix Meldrew. Again Vix is another one of my everyday blog reads. I have mentioned her many times before, because one she is bloody hilarious, two her posts really hone in on actually what it is like to date in 2017 shit and lastly because she is the only dating blogger I have loved reading and who shares the same awful every day tinder experience and what is now known as millennial dating, aka fuckboy after fuckboy.

This is Vix post on the ten things her Instagram won’t tell you.

Hi, my name is Vix! If you don’t already know me then I’ll fill you in. I’m 30, I live in London and you’ll mostly find me trolling fuckboys on Tinder. I have a dating, sex, relationships and London lifestyle blog that features a lot of posts on oral sex and my love of snogging. 

I’ve had Instagram since 2014 but it’s only since the beginning of this year where I’ve really tried to post more regularly. I love using Stories and I’ve been known to do a few drunken ones from the bar toilets on terrible dates.

I love snooping on what my friends and blogger favourites are up to, as well as Keeping Up with various members of the Kardashian clang. It’s also a prime tool for future date stalking. Who’s that girl you got your arm around 2 days ago Hun?

The 10 Things my Instagram doesn’t show people are;

1. How messy my room is. Monday to Friday my bedroom features a permanent floordrobe and it feels like the majority of my Saturdays are spent putting it back in perfect order.
2. I’m a slob. If I don’t have to show my face on camera, at an event or on a date, it’ll be completely make up less, with greasy hair and loungewear I’ve been wearing for 3 days.
3. My work is exhausting. Some people don’t realise that I’m a primary school teacher full time. I usually don’t get home til 6 o’clock after getting to work at 7 am and I’m permanently knackered. Trying to find the energy to fulfil my blogging passion can be a real struggle at times.
4. I’ve experienced sadness. I lost my Mum last year and as much as I’d love to harp on about how much I miss her 24/7 I know that it’s not a subject that other people need to see all the time. Therefore I tend to keep my grieving wobbles to myself.
5. My dates. I will often put up a little update in a caption about a date I’m going on or about getting pied but if I see someone for 3 or more dates I tend not to mention them. Mainly because they’ll usually be privy to my Instagram by then and I don’t want them to see me talk about how boring they are or the guy at the train station I fancy.
6. My friends. Whilst I’d happily put the besties I’ve made from blogging all over my Insta feed, the friends I’ve made through work or otherwise might not want to be plastered across my social media – with them being teachers too, they’re a bit more aware of their online presence.
7. My eating habits. Oh, how I wish my feed had pictures of a perfect piece of avo toast with a cute cup of coffee. But it doesn’t because my diet consists mainly of bacon roast potatoes and Chilli Heatwave Doritos.
8. Gym selfies. Because LOL if you see me in a gym I’m there under duress and you should probably call someone to help me.
9. Tons of outfit pictures. I like to think I’ve got a bit of style going on but I do occasionally suffer from negative body image and taking loads of selfies and OOTD pics doesn’t come naturally yet.
10. Around the world travels. Teaching and living in London is not conducive for a) having the money to travel and b) having the time. Yes, I know teachers get great holidays BUT we can never go away because it’s always too expensive. Saying that I am going to Florida at the end of March so keep your eyes peeled for lots of Stories and Insta updates!

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