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I have loved this week, it has been crammed full of birthdays, lots of family, friends, laughter and hugs off my favourite little nephew George. 

This week for me as been full of positives. I vowed at the beginning of the week to make sure I was focusing on positive energy. I have always said I am a big follower of the secret and the law of attraction but I had fallen off the waggon and let negative thoughts take over, however, this week has been a complete turnaround. Because of this, I don’t have anything I want to feature in the going down section of this post, so this week it is going to be an extension of the things I  love because I think we all need a bit of positivity at the moment. So here they are: 

Denim Jacket Debut – When I say debut I mean spring debut because it is not new and I have worn it a lot. It is actually a denim jacket from a past relationship I was given because frankly, it looked a hell of a lot better on me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I love it, so when the sun was shining the other day I dusted it off and I was so happy to see it. It is my perfect spring summer staple jacket. I have a feeling it is going to be my go-to jacket for the next few months as I slowly start to hang up my wool coat. 

Podcasts – This week I have been spending a great deal of time listening to podcasts again. I feel so optimistic and motivated at the moment and these podcasts really help. My favourite podcast this week is Emma Gannon’s CTRL, ALT, Delete. It is so relevant to any blogger, anyone finding themselves in their own little slice of the internet or any women, girls, guys who are working alone, for themselves or setting up a business. 

Ten Reasons I am happy – For a few years now I have kept a gratitude journal. I find this is one of the best ways for me to reflect on my day and keep positive but I do often find I can go on writing for ages and then lose touch on the reason I keep the journal. I came across Ten reasons why I am happy this week and it is such a simple idea that really works. All you have to do is morning or night write down ten reasons you are happy that day. It really helps keep me in a positive mind frame. 

So many family celebrations – This week marked my Mum’s Husband’s birthday, my little sister’s and my oldest family friend Abi (who is practically family) birthday on the same day and mother’s day. We kicked off Monday with a bit of present swapping with Andy, followed by a family filled Wednesday for Pip’s birthday at Mum’s house, Thursday we were in Leicester for my second Crafty burger of the year to celebrate Pip turning 25 with Dad and then Friday I headed over to Abi’s for drinks, food and good old celebrations and catch up with a few of my favourite girls (and guys). Today mark’s Mother’s day, or to my mum, it is just another birthday. It is all going to be about her, my Grandma and Granny and of course my older sister who is a mum as well. I have loved being surrounded by my favourite people and lots of food all week.

Weekly spin class – A few weeks back I mentioned my morning spin class, which I had started back at. Well, we have upped it to two mornings a week, a Monday (ahem I know I need a medal) and Thursday. I bloody love this class, the waking up has become a lot easier, to the point I am waking up most mornings at 5:50. I know to most sounds hellish but it means I get so much more of a morning before work. I quite frankly think this is the best spinning class in the UK. On Monday our soundtrack went from Chuck Berry go Johnny go to Corona Rhythm of the night if you think you could top that I would like to hear it. 

Conversations with other single girls- I like being single, It definitely has its drawbacks I won’t fib, I don’t get cups of tea in bed, or have someone to book weekly mini trips away with and those fun day dates you get but I love my own company, I have a busy schedule that I don’t have to work around others and I don’t have someone in my life that makes me constantly miserable. However lately I have felt that subconscious nagging that I am nearly 27 and I haven’t conformed to the usual; house purchasing with a partner, shared pet and that talk about the future. Realistically I have, to be honest, I don’t know what I want from my future yet so I am not really that interested in hearing about how someone wants to spend theirs and how they want me to fit into that. Maybe I just don’t understand a conventional relationship, I don’t know? But this week, I have had some great chats with some of my favourite single girls and it has made me realise everything is going just fine. It has put me straight back on the right track of perspective which is exactly what I needed.  

Those blue skies – I promised myself this week I wasn’t going to mention weather because I bring it up every week and it is becoming a bit tragic but those blues skies throughout Friday, all day yesterday and the sunlight shining through my bedroom window this morning just brightened everything up. I was having a good day as it was but the sunshine just accelerated my mood. I can’t wait for the warmer months and the longer nights I feel like the real me is coming out of hibernation!




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