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Kiehl’s is fast becoming my favourite skincare brand. I had hardly taken any notice of Kiehl’s until my sister received the midnight oil in her Selfridges advent calendar and since that point, I can’t get enough of them. I really see results from their products and they offer good value for money.  These are my favourite products I currently use in my day to day skincare routine.

Ultra Facial moisturizer

I actually bought this for my sister at Christmas, after trying it I realised this needed to be one of my daily routine stables. It is affordable at £15 but it feels so much more luxurious than that. You get so much for your money. I love how this soaks into my skin. It is quite a thick moisturiser on my skin but it sinks in nicely and leaves my skin so plumped, glowing and smooth. I can happily put this moisturiser on and leave the house with no makeup onI also had the chance to try the super multi-corrective cream with added SPF 15. This is by far my favourite moisturiser I have ever tried, it was so easy to apply and instantly made a difference to my skin’s appearance, if you are looking for a wonder cream you need this in your life, however at £49.50 I think I will be sticking with my trusty Ultra Facial Moisturizer. 

Ultra Facial cleanser 

I like to be honest and I wouldn’t say this is my favourite cleanser I have ever used but for £9 it is definitely the best value for money I have ever come across. A while back I mentioned how double cleansing had changed my skin so I decided along with my Garnier micellar water I needed something else affordable that could stay in my bag. The only thing that doesn’t make this my all time favourite cleanser is that it can be quite thick or sticky. I find the best results are to use it in the shower (I know, major skincare sin) but it lathers up really well with a bit of hot water and removes everything from my face. The things I love about this product other than being affordable is that it removes all makeup from my face, even waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance and it leaves my skin looking so fresh and smooth.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This is the product my sister got in her calendar and the one that made me fall in love with this brand. You can see why it’s rated as their number one customer favourite. It is described as a replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning. It really does what It claims to do. Its one of those luxury products to keep on your bedside table, I love making sure my face is all cleansed, putting some nice pjs on, snuggling into my duvet with my book next to me and adding some midnight recovery concentrate. It smells heavenly, it is so relaxing, it feels like a mini pamper session before bed, and it works wonders for my skin by morning. I bought my sister a full new bottle of this for her birthday, after using so much at Christmas. 

Avocado eye cream- Aka the eye cream of dreams

When you place an order through Kiehl’s website you get to choose three samples available, these are a range of skin, hair and body care and samples for men. So when I ordered the cleanser and moisturiser I decided to see what the Avocado eye cream was like. I had seen this on their Instagram and I had been after a new eye cream for a while but wasn’t sure if the avocado oil was going to be a bit of a marketing fad to sell the product. This just shows how well this marketing works because this eye cream is amazing. I am not exaggerating when I say nothing has plumped up and brightened the skin around my eyes like this cream and I probably wouldn’t have tried it if I hadn’t had ordered the sample. I ordered this product right away. It was £22 which is slightly more than I would like to spend on eye cream, but I had been searching for one I loved for so long I didn’t want to let it slip by. Out of my five favourite Kiehl’s products, this one is my winner by a long way.

On a side note Feel Unique have added Kiehl’s into their pick ‘n’ mix samples you can order 5 for £3.95.It is such a good way of sampling products for a few days before deciding if they are right for you or not.

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