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This was a four day work week for me, which will be followed by a 3 day week next week, really what could be better than that? I have also jetted off to Prague for a long weekend so this week is definitely in my good books. Following on from last week I don’t really have any going down sections I want to dwell on, yes the dark morning on Monday was a bit hard but that was completely overshadowed by the gloriously light evenings after work so, for now, I am just going to hit you with the good stuff! 

Beauty and the beast – On mothers day, my sisters, Mum, Grandma and I headed off to see the much anticipated live adaption of Beauty and the Beast. I loved Beauty and the beast growing up, I think out of all the Disney films it has a really important message, especially for its time, which was usually filled with perfect princesses and handsome princes. The live adaption didn’t disappoint, Emma Watson was amazing, and I was so pleased with all the songs (I don’t want to give too much away). I really enjoyed what Disney did with this story, I can’t wait to see it again. Until then I am going to spend my evenings listening to the soundtrack. 

Clocks going forward – This time last week, the clocks sprung forward and I for one was very grateful! Monday night was perfect, after a grey, cloudy, cold start to Monday morning, the day turned around and blessed us with a lovely sunny evening. I made the most of my first evening and rushed to the stable yard to ride. It was bliss. After Prague, I need to start juggling things around, so I can fit in riding, gym, walking Dougal and I would really like to start doing stuff to the garden again.

Finally had my eyebrows threaded- To most, I am sure you are thinking why on earth is this in her weekly trends? I hear you, but you will be shocked to know this is the first time I have done anything with my eyebrows in nearly a year. I KNOW, I can hear your screams of horror, but hear me out. Last April I had my eyebrows waxed and whilst I didn’t hate them, they were just a lot thinner than I wanted them to be so I decided to try and grow them, as time went on literally nothing happened. I realised how crazy it was I was paying to have them waxed every 8 weeks when they didn’t change but then I decided I wanted to have them threaded. I had noticed how much better and more shaped threaded brows looked. Fast forward to Superdrug on Saturday (again I know Superdrug is the Asda of cosmetic stores) but there was a threading counter in there, a free slot was available, and it was affordable so I thought why not? I am so pleased with how they look, looking back it was probably needed, I would definitely return and from now on I am only getting them threaded. 

Aldi Candles– So for any Jo Malone fans out there, you have probably heard of the Aldi candles that are flying off the shelves. You will either love them or be horrified. To those horrified at the idea of buying candles from Aldi, I am sorry to disappoint as I love these. I am candle obsessed, more so in the winter for that nice hygge feeling, but when you have two dogs in the house candles are a must! These are such good value for money, and I am not alone, these have become so popular that Aldi has made them into a permanent feature! Thank the Lord! I had been harping on about these for so long my friend Becky actually picked me up the Pomegranate Noir scent and then I, later on, bought the Freesia Pear. They are really lovely, double wick candles that have fitted in nicely in the lounge. They are amazing value for £3.99 and they are so much bigger than I imagined. I wouldn’t say they are on par with Jo Malone in any, way shape (well possibly, actually) or form but I would really recommend to any of your candle lovers. 

High street make up haul – I will be doing a full post on this but after realising I was wasting my Charlotte Tilbury foundation on people who properly had never heard of her and I realised it was taking the fun out of applying makeup, I vowed to start buying cheaper brand makeup for my everyday/ work look. I headed off to Superdrug, and bought a new foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye corrector and eyeliner for about £20 instead of the £30 alone I spend on my beloved magic foundation and so far I am really happy with the results.I will continue to buy my favourite high-end purchases but it takes the pressure off worrying about them running out after a few weeks. 

Thanks for catching up on my weekly trends have a lovely Sunday. 

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