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In a bid to save some money I decided it was time to purchase a selection of more affordable makeup for my everyday look. I tend not to wear much makeup to work but I began to begrudge ‘wasting’ my Charlotte Tilbury foundation for no good cause. A few weekends back, I made my way to Superdrug to find some high street alternatives that I could grow to love nearly as much. After over an hour of samples and swatches, going back and forth this was the outcome. 

I thought I would start with a breakdown of the cost of my current everyday makeup bag and how much I have spent on just those products. This doesn’t count my non-go-tos that also frequent my makeup bags. 

High-end makeup breakdown- Everyday look

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation – £30

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur primer – £29.50

Benefit Erase paste – £22.00

Chanel Bronzer£36

Benefit Bronzer  – £24.50 

Lancome Mascara £24.50

Benefit brows £26.50 

Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick–  £16

Total = £209 *argh*

Rimmel Lasting finish foundation £7.99

We start with Rimmel, this was conveniently the first stand as I walked in but I had done my research and read quite a few good reviews about Rimmel lasting finish foundation. I was undecided between the True Ivory or True Nude but after a lot of hand tests, I went with the True Ivory and so far this has been a really good match. I will probably change this shade by the summer but so far all is well. I have really enjoyed this foundation, I won’t begin to compare with my CT magic foundation because it’s not the same, but I do enjoy the glow this gives my face. I didn’t think I would like the dewy finish but if it carries on I can see this staying in my makeup bag for a long time. 

Rimmel liquid eyeliner – £5.29

This was not a first time purchase, Rimmel has been my go to liquid eyeliner since I was about 14. I did for a few years move over to the benefit liquid eyeliner but nothing really beats the Rimmel eyeliner on price. I also really enjoy Soap and Glory’s supercat eyeliner. It is a bit like a felt-tip which makes drawing an even wing easier, once my mascara is on I tend to go over it with my Rimmel liner for a dark more bold look.

Wake me up Rimmel Concealer – £5.49

I had never used this concealer before, but I had heard a lot of good things about the wake me up foundation so after a few swatches I thought I would give it ago. I brought this in ivory and I really like it. It offers a good bright coverage that stays in place. It’s a handy one to keep in your bag throughout the day. 

Freedom Eye corrector – £3

This is the first green/camouflage eye corrector I have invested in. I wasn’t too sure how it would work and if I would even really need to use it. I do have a fairly even skin tone but I was looking for something to even it out more around my eyes. This product was a bit thicker than I thought it would be but I actually really like that part of it. I went a bit overboard the first time I tried it but once I realised how much I needed to use, I loved it. It covered the area well and gave me a perfect base layer to start my make up on. 

Pro Artist Eyeshadow – £2

I have become obsessed with red eyeshadows. I don’t know if it is something I will look back at in 20 years time and think what on earth, but for now, as we are heading into the summer and I am a bit more *ahem* fake tanned I really enjoy the look, however, I struggled to find an affordable eyeshadow palette that had the shade of red I wanted. Pro Artist do custom eye shadow palettes you build yourself which are amazing. You can replace your favourite colour when it runs out instead of discarding the whole pallet when it no longer hosts your go to shadow. The empty palette is £5 and then each refill is £2. There are loads of brands that are doing these such as NYX and Mac. I can’t stop wearing this eye shadow at the moment. 

Barry M – Shape and Define eyebrows – £5.99

This is a dupe of the benefit brow kits, a really good dupe with a substantial difference in price. I switched to this brow kit a few make-up shops back after trying a friend’s and noticing no difference between the two brands, (sorry bennefit).  

I am yet to find a bronzer I love as much as Hola from Benefit and Soleil tan de Chanel so if anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them.

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