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Good morning Sunday! This week has taken some easing back into, unfortunately for me at full speed. I have had full days of admin, meetings, gyming and squeezing in some pony time when I get a minute! I have however had a lovely week made better by realising that I will have four weeks of no full weeks at work thanks to bank Holidays, what could make you happier than that eh? 

Going up 

Prague – As you will all be well aware I spent a long weekend, unexpectedly sunning myself in Prague. I had one of the best weekends, I laughed so much, real belly, crying tears – laughter. I love exploring new cities in the sunshine with my favourite people. It was also my first Airbnb experience which we absolutely loved. I will be doing a full post on our time in Prague, but it really is an amazing city. 

TillyAnna Delivery – This delivery was exactly what I needed on Tuesday morning to blow the holiday blues away. I arrived home to the dreamiest parcel from Tilly Anna. I absolutely love all of their products, I love the whole family ethos behind their brand, they are very similar to my family set up but their homeware products are just amazing. I had been after a new water bottle for my desk and spinning for such a long time, and this one just transitions from my desk to bike so easily, having it personalised as well means my sister can’t steal it either. They are offering 20% off when you use their discount code spring20 so I would definitely head over to for a browse. 

New plans- Prague was absolutely what I needed for a new focus. When we finally arrived home in the early hours of Tuesday morning I was excited. Excited to start new jobs on the house, get back to my blog, edit my photos from the weekend, see George and the horses, have Dougal back with me. The break from my laptop, a couple too many gins, a good dance and laughter was what I needed. I can’t wait to plan new things and complete things I have started. I said at the beginning of the year I was going to live in the moment more, Prague was the first time this year I felt like I was just there and nowhere else, however, this didn’t stop us planning our next trips and thinking up of more things we want to do!

Time off work – I needed to use up my overtime hours this week so along with Prague I booked off the Tuesday, thankfully as we ended up not arriving home until 3 am. I still woke up at 7:30 did all the post-holiday errands I usually leave for a month and headed over to my Mum’s to see George and Pixie, give Dougal hugs and then get to work on Todhpurs. Being in Prague was dreamy, not having to be anywhere or answer to anyone or animals was amazing, but I love a day off work to just get on top of things. Although half of this was spent doing Todhpurs admin, I still managed to head over to Aldi for the healthiest food shop, and then went on to do a mammoth food prep to keep on top of this diet. 

Going Down

Flight delay – I was already worried about how the group were feeling about the flights I had booked, I had insisted we left on the earliest flight at 8 am from Stanstead on a Friday morning ‘to get the most out of the day’ and then return home on the latest flight on Monday. After a glorious weekend, I was quite smug we had all day Monday to continue wandering the streets of Prague, but by mid-morning the temperate really dropped and we were using the last of our money. At that point, I realised the afternoon flight instead of the night might have been a better choice. That was until we got to the airport and the 3:15 flight had been delayed for 7 hours meaning ours was delayed too. Not only were we 3 hours late getting home, it also meant that poor Fliss could no longer catch the Stanstead express home. Nothing good comes from your flight being delayed, especially that late at night as it meant there were zero places to buy food from.

Aldi Candle pomegranate noir – I feel like I need to add this after last week’s post to say if you are going to buy these candles, which I still whole heartily recommend, don’t buy the pomegranate noir. The others although they don’t sound so fancy, smell so much better.

Having no time to slow down – This week I have been on catch up overdrive, but Prague wasn’t the relaxing and recuperating holiday I probably could have done with. I have been busily working away until 9 pm each night either catching up with blogging/admin or Todhpurs emails and admin, riding, gym and making sure Dougal doesn’t put on any more pounds, I have had zero time for any ‘me’ time, just that bit of ‘self-care’ I always harp on about. This afternoon I am heading over to my Granny’s to see her so hopefully some phone free time and the constant cups of tea will be just the right thing. 

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