Our four days in Prague

As bloggers we love to tell you about our travels, where we have been, what we have done, where we ate, the good the bad etc. I realise I am not the first or even the 100th blog you would refer to for Travel advice. I only have the chance to get away a couple of times a year, instead of the 12 + other bloggers do, so instead this is going to be a post on our trip to Prague if any of you fancied a peruse of what shenanigans we got up to.

We booked Prague on a bit of a whim, desperate to escape home and The UK for a bit we all decided a bit of sightseeing, and partying would be good for us and where better to do that than Prague?

I read in Eventbrite not so long ago that us ‘millennials’ spend £419,556,233 each month on experiences, over materialistic things (Eventbrite). I don’t know whether these stats were shared in a positive way, but I am beyond proud that I am part of a generation who would rather see a new country than own a new tv, someone who would rather go to a gig than buy a designer bag, buy a round the world ticket instead of buying a new car. My friend pointed out that the items generations use to go after – that stereotyped tick off list, house, picket fence, car, children etc have grown so expensive that we seek out fulfilment in other things, that along with the obvious suffering of FOMO and not wanting to grow up and settle for anything less than we’ve been told we deserve.

To me I feel there is an underlining meaning to it all, yes I 100% think the trigger is that life is so expensive but we have learned to enjoy the escapism we find in travelling. Blogging gives us travel envy/ inspiration and we learn of so many new places that would have seemed so off limits or unappealing before and not to mention that countries recognise now more than ever before the impacts tourism has on an area.

As we flew over Czech preparing to land, bright sun and not a cloud in the sky I couldn’t hide the smile on my face, yes it was only 4 days in a different country but I am always grateful that I can visit so many places and experience so many different cities and cultures. So this brings me on to our four days in Prague and what I learned from our trip.

Friday – Friday we left home at some ungodly hour to catch our flight from Stanstead. Living in the midlands we usually have a good selection of airports to choose from but the one that kept coming back up time and again as the cheapest was Stanstead, so we started our travels at 4 am to catch the 8 am flight out. 


Highlights – The beautiful sunshine that greeted us in Prague, easy check in with our Airbnb which was even prettier than the photos suggested, the quick walk into the centre of old town for a long lunch by the river. Laughing so much when Fliss and Sophie were shouted at for using the toilet reserved for children in the public toilets. The lazy afternoon in the sunshine at the bar we named the ‘bench bar’ and the ‘pizzeria’ which was actually a kebab/pizza house who served Fliss her dinner in a bag. My pizza, however, was a delight. 

TIPs: Download AAA taxi app they are so much cheaper than usual taxis. There is always an Irish bar in every city you go to and unfortunately for me they are all the same and ‘Czech shot’ is just another name for paint stripper and I am so grateful I don’t adhere to shot peer pressure.  


Apartment – This was my first Airbnb experience, we decided to give it a try because we wanted to be in the middle of the Old Town without the hotel prices and honestly this apartment couldn’t have been any better. We paid £87 each and the apartment was exactly what we wanted. The only error we made was not turning left when we walked out the building, we missed a whole selection of bars, pubs and restaurants.

Saturday – We woke up starving, some a little more hungover than others. The sun was out again, so all budgeting went out, as we decided on where to go for breakfast. There was the cutest pancake house next to the apartment, as we eagerly made our way there we were greeted with queues coming out of the door so we headed over to Cafe Louvre for pancakes on a friend’s recommendation near New Town. We had heard they were the home to some amazing pancakes. When we arrived this place was also packed and the people didn’t stop coming so I can only say this is a good thing but we decided we were too hungry to wait and headed over the river to Cafe Strelecky Ostrov to sit on their terrace with a view of the river.


We only had to battle through a marathon to get there but it was worth it to start the day with pancakes (off the desert menu) and a mojito. After we wandered around, taking in the little shops, the quaint bars, the vastness of the castle and the vibrant colours and pictures that make up the Lennon wall before collapsing at the cutest little restaurant over the bridge for lunch. As we made our way back to the apartment we found a convenient Tesco in New Town to grab some bits for dinner. There was also an ideally situated department store for over-priced St Moritz fake tan (shoutout to Niece) and the most expensive Sephora in the world, how does Prague have one and still not us?




Our night began at Frame Gin Bar, this bar was a late recommendation by a friend, which I am so pleased we managed to squeeze in. The eccentric barman had in mind exactly what he wanted to make us Sophie went from asking for a gin and elderflower tonic to somehow agreeing to a gin cocktail which came with what can only be described as Christmas popery. We laughed so much in there and headed out to an array of cheesy awful bars I would never usually want to visit. Ending the night at some not so early hours of Sunday in the stuffiest, strangest night club but they had a cheesy floor with 80s /90s brit music which wasn’t too bad.


Sunday Highlights –The Easter market in the Old Square, hiring pedalo boats on the river and peddling up to the river bar for cocktails, sitting in the bench bar by the river for one last over sugared mojito, sofa time with the girls watching a few episodes of gossip girl, before deciding we shouldn’t waste the last night and headed out to dinner at the rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar at Hotel U Prince. 



Monday highlights – Brunch at Nostress Cafe – the best poached egg and smoked salmon I have had in ages. Finding out Mcdonalds made Macarons, eating my last whole pizza before the holiday ended.


Prague Lowlights – It would be unfair to suggest the trip was all sunshine and roses and of course like any trip, there were some lowlights such as leaving for one. Captain Candy, If you think cinema has overcharging issues, you haven’t experienced real rip off until you go here. The temperate drop and rain on Monday. Running low on money, trying to find parents present (don’t leave it to the airport, it’s really expensive and the big duty-free isn’t ready yet). The erratic taxi driver who thought we were racing to the airport whilst it rained. Every meal coming to about 500 koruna whether you are eating at a roof top restaurant or a kebab out of a bag. They also don’t bring you your change.

Despite a few negatives, this trip was amazing, I laughed so much and saw another beautiful city I would return to in a heartbeat. 

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