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Good morning & Happy Easter Sunday. I have officially made it, I have completed the whole of lent without buying myself any flowers for the house, so whilst you devour chocolate after bravely giving up, chocolate, sweets, carbs and caffeine, I am off to fill my house with spring blooms. No week can be a bad week when it involves two bank holidays, a weekend of celebrations, some time with friends and no end of easter eggs. As this weekend is Easter, and I am seeing some of my favourite girls, having drinks and eating cake I have decided to just stick to the things I have loved again this week.

Macarons– This has to be my biggest highlight of the week as I received not one but two gifts of Macarons and one has pretty much ticked off a life goal. Don’t worry receiving macarons alone isn’t a life goal, I enjoy simple pleasures but not that simple. I, however, have had my own real life Chuck Bass moment, you know that episode, series 2 episode 25 (to be precise) when he goes to Europe to buy Blair’s favourite Macarons? #unrealisticguygoals Well mine excelled that as my very lovely friend Fliss and now all time hero, bought me a whole box of the cutest Macarons when she was in Paris at the weekend and posted them up to me. One lesson we have learnt is they are fragile little buggers and a couple did end up squishing the others like a macaron fairground ride but they were absolutely delicious and the nicest most thoughtful thing I can remember anyone doing for me in a long time. I was so excited I ate them all for dinner that night, shared of course! Who needs a guy to fly across Europe when you have friends who are that thoughtful?! And also a big shout out to the little sister for picking me up some from Brighton too, I feel like this macaron tour is really taking off and I’ve not had to leave my town yet. 

Slowing down– Last weekend, I had planned evenings packed with ticking things off my to-do list, and whilst looking back I probably would have felt very productive, with the weather as good as it was it would have been a really terrible choice on my behalf. Friday night after I had taken Rooney out my friend Lauren was heading my way so I convinced myself to go for a drink, I hadn’t seen her and Becky in a few weeks but it was a tough decision to break away from my laptop and just go and have fun. Well, that was the start of my reckless work abandonment. It continued with a lovely spontaneous dinner with my Dad and sister at the Grey Goose on Saturday night, and a long afternoon at my Granny’s for dinner Sunday night. So whilst I may be slightly behind schedule this week with a few things, I feel so much better for just having some laptop, work free time with those I love. 

Sleep aid – This is another one of my #firstworldproblems but I really do struggle to sleep at night. I partially think this is because I try to get to sleep too early #cleansleeping but also because I just cannot switch off. I cannot fall asleep with the tv on and I don’t have a tv in my room anyway because I am old fashioned like that. Recently I have started using the Calm app for mediation especially their sleep stories, along with This Works sleep spray and together they have helped no end.

13 Reasons Why – I know many of these Netflix original series make an appearance on my weekly trends, and I know you are wondering how I manage to binge on so many when I always harp on about how much work I have on. I don’t know either, all I know is my hours of sleep are reduced massively. This, however, is another corker from Netflix. In short, this series is based around the booked released in 2007. Focusing on a group of teenagers at a suburban high school in America. After Hannah Baker committed suicide a number of tapes are given to the 13 teenagers involved, and the mystery behind Hannah’s suicide is unravelled. It is a lot more exciting than I have just made it out to be. A good watch if you are a bit hungover this Easter weekend. It incoporates some really important messages on how we treat people and how our actions, no matter how small affect people. 

Tulips growing in the garden- This is a prime example of my own self-doubt biting me in the ass. (perhaps, not that dramatic). Back in October, my Dad bought me a bag of tulip bulbs. I know they are pretty robust but I had no confidence in them growing despite maintaining the garden pretty well like the mature adult I am. I planted them a bit sparsely not really sure how many would grow vs how many Dougal would dig up. Fast forward a few months and they are beautifully blooming all over the garden, there is absolutely no pattern to them at all, they do however look lovely. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, they are so simple, and vibrant in colour. I already can’t wait to plant more in the autumn, next time it will be in a much more organised fashion.

 Lazy long morning- I won’t got into this too much because CitySprint has made me a bit touchy about Friday morning and the fact I waited in until 13:00 for the new doors for upstairs to not be delivered but some good did come of it. I knew I couldn’t leave the house until the doors had arrived so I had a long lazy morning in bed. When I say long, I think I was up and out of it by 8 am but I went downstairs made a cup of tea grabbed my book and curled up back under my duvet. It was bliss, I can’t remember the last time I just let myself stay in bed without trying to get work done, rush off to the horses or do jobs around the house. I already feel so much more refreshed from these bank holidays!

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