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How amazing was the bank holiday weekend? Ok, so the weather was the usual bank holiday downpour but I can’t remember the last time I had time to laze around sipping on green tea and read my book without having to give myself a set time before I had to leave for somewhere. I really think Easter is underrated as a holiday, especially when it’s late in April and we have the May holidays coming up soon. 

Going up 

Bank Holiday Monday with the girls – On Monday I had a delightful afternoon with Abi, Beth, andy Lucy to celebrate Abi’s birthday, eat some delicious afternoon tea, catch up and celebrate. I felt like I hadn’t seen them in ages so it was really nice to see them all and get more plans in the diary. 

Saturday night in playing cards against humanity – A week ago we had a night at my older sisters, pizza, drinks and cards against humanity. Fliss was up from London, so it was really good to have the Prague group together again. I thought I would be really bad at this game and whilst I was far from winning It really wasn’t as traumatic as people made out, I laughed endlessly until I cried, it was such a fun night if I had been given better cards I am sure I would have won.

Algorithm for happiness video – My older sister sent me this video last week. It is only short but it took me a few minutes to digest. I thought it was going to the usual video, someone telling me that you make your own happiness. This video is so much more and really resonated with me because I know, I for one am really guilty of doing this. The short clip goes on to say about how we confuse fun with happiness. We plan to do so much because we think that feeling of fun will make us happy and whilst it does it is only a coping mechanism, an escape from how you are truly feeling. It has really made me concentrate on how happy I am just curled up with a green tea and my book and how lucky I am to be in the situation I am.

Falafel jazzing up salads- I decided on the flight home from Prague I was going to put my winter crumpet days behind me *sob* and start making salads for lunch. I do enjoy a salad, I enjoy all but the salad leaves themselves, so I had been racking my brains as to what I could start throwing together. Cold salads are not for me, I find them a bit uninspiring so when I did my mammoth food shop I decided to pick up a packet of falafel. I know they are not known to be super healthy but I have substituted meat for these as they last so long, I heat two up and put them with my lunch and honestly guys, it has been life changing. Sorry for the very boring update, all I’m saying is if you are currently in a rut with your salad. Falafels are the one. 

Going down

Tuesday morning – Going back to work on Tuesday morning I can only describe as a true horror. I don’t hate going to work, and whilst like everyone, I would rather not work, as a whole I don’t mind it too much. After a long weekend, however, Tuesday morning I was filled with undeniable dread. Leaving the dogs lying in the sunshine and the fridge full of chocolate I felt like someone was ripping away my freedom. I am now counting down the days until the next bank holiday. 

Friends who don’t live close by – I always talk about my friend Catherine and how she is the one person who makes me laugh until I can’t breathe every time I see her. Recently she moved down to live with her Girlfriend, whilst I am overjoyed for them both it means I don’t get to see her half as much. Thankfully Catherine is one of those delightful friends that you can not see for months and then start where you left off, but I do miss having her around. I miss the Friday nights of us trying to eat healthily and ruining it by eating three times more than we need to and I miss that she would accept the invitation for dinner at mine and be pleased, even request a Jacket potato with cheese and beans. Thankfully I saw her last night and it was lovely we laughed so much but sometimes it makes me a bit sad when you can’t just pop over anymore for a quick catch up. 

Trying to keep on top – Does anyone ever feel like they are on top of things? I feel lately I have just accepted that there are always things I should be doing but by not doing them, it’s not going to kill me but it won’t make me happier either. Everything has just started to head south really in a bid to keep me sane, my house needs to be cleaner, the garden needs to be neater, work needs to be better, bedroom needs to be organised, Todhpurs needs me to catch up on so much and we won’t even start on poor Rooney and my friends. I am conscious I am always commenting on so much I need to be doing but does anyone out there actually feel like they have a balance? and if so please tell me how you do it!




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