Five things you should do on a Sunday

I have always found Sunday to be my favourite day of the week. Saturday is the day with the buzz, the one filled with motivation and optimism and usually the day you cram as much into as you can. Sunday, living in the countryside has always been slower paced, especially when you live in a town where shops are rarely open for more than a 2/3 hour period before everyone slopes off home again.

Sunday for me are the days for relaxing, enjoying myself, spending time with family, and enjoying a drink or two with friends in the afternoon before preparing for the working week again. These are the five things I like to do on Sunday.

(If I have woken hangover free)

Start the day without an alarm 

We all know the sound of our alarm, it’s a sound that will fill you with dread every hour of the day, made worse when you hear it as someone’s ringtone. Sunday has to start with no alarm. I am naturally an early riser so I will usually be up and out of bed before 9 am but waking up by myself is a much nicer feeling especially when you haven’t got to rush off anywhere.  

Make it a healthy start

I make no secret about it, Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. From a comforting bowl of porridge to a wholesome avocado and scrambled eggs on sourdough bread I love it. Sundays are always the best when started with a nice healthy big breakfast. 

Get out in some fresh air 

A year or so ago I would always start my Sunday with a trip to the gym – yup I know, and whilst I still really value exercise in my week and weekend I look for more enjoyable, outdoorsy ways to be active. A bike ride, a long walk with the dogs, taking Rooney schooling, or jumping. I feel my happiest Sunday afternoon if I have done something energetic and I can chill out for the rest of the day, feeling like I had earnt the right to be lazy. Take yourself outside for some fresh air, a walk in the park or even to the shops will make you feel like you feel like you’ve used your free time well.

Tick something off

 Write a list on Friday of things you need to/ would like to do over the weekend and try to tick something off both days. Sunday can be a great day to tick a house job off, detox that wardrobe or just get something out the way you have been putting off. Completing something you need to do is a good way to feel like you have utilised your weekend. 

Have some you time

Sundays should be all about you, so make sure you spend some time making yourself happy before Monday morning rolls around. Whether this is films and snacks on the sofa, big roast dinner with the family, drink at the pub with friends do something that makes you happy. 

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