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I thought this week was going to be a struggle, being that first full week in a while but I actually found it flew by in comparison to last week. Monday started with a morning out with the team, my boss took us to Manor Farm in a tiny village, its a farm shop/ cafe and the cakes are just delicious. We chatted about everything but work over tea and cakes and even had the chance to see the farm animals before we left. It was a lovely start to the week, and a nice thank you for all the work the team has put in this year. I am so happy we have another bank holiday weekend, three days of a lie in is actually what I need. So these are my weekly trends

Going up

Morning walks – Spring has completely transformed Dougal’s walking schedule (god, what do I sound like). In the winter he is limited to one lunch time walk a day and maybe a trip to the shops or a run around the farm at night. Spring has changed it all. Most nights I will take him to Mums so he can have a big run around the fields but this week I have started back out on our morning walks. Partly due to me needing a bit more a morning routine on the days I don’t go spinning along with my colleague Kylie including me in the most unrealistic Work Week Hustle challenge on Fitbit. I really find this one of the nicest starts to the day. The morning is so fresh and it really helps clear my head whilst everything is so peaceful and sets me up for the rest of the day. 

Hygge nights – The optimist in me believed that winter nights were long gone, here was summer, long nights, bright skies, me at the stables till 9 pm but jeez, Tuesday, what happened? The weather was apocalyptic. Instead of panicking that summer had been and gone I made the most of it, and got in a much missed hygge night in. As the rain poured against my winter, I snuggled into my duvet on the sofa, candles, cups of a tea and a bit of leftover easter chocolate, it was perfect. 

Holiday planning – This week I have been in various conversations with different people discussing different holidays, from city breaks, camping trips and villa holidays with my favourites I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends. After missing out on a trip to Thailand last year because I was saving money I have decided this year to worry less and just say yes to this opportunities because honestly looking at my friend Rosie’s adventures on a Monday morning is heartbreaking. I also want to book a winter break to Copenhagen about November time if anyone wants to join?

Going down

Bloggers wish list – The vast majority of my product inspiration comes from other bloggers. Reviews of products, makeup, clothes, books. This can only be a celebration of how much of an influential market blogging is, however I do spend a good majority of my time reading blogs or listening to vlogs which have left me with an ever growing, never shrinking lust list of things I want thanks to bloggers. My current must haves that I am going to try and pick up this month are Pixi Double Cleanse, the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, glossier boy brow – still not even in the UK (*insert crying emoji x 1000), Mua undress your skin highlighter – in literally every colour, the reviews of this product have been so positive for the price. The only reason this is going down is because every day of the bleedin’ week there is something else I REALLY need want. 

Bloggers block – This week I have been struggling with a bit of bloggers block. If you looked into my drafts you would see at least 18 posts I have started, some are finished but I just can’t commit to posting them. Some feel too similar to posts I have already done. I have done loads lately on how to make yourself happy but none really talking about how happy I feel at the moment, which I do think is important to share with everyone but then I don’t want to be too in your face, look how great my life is type of person because sometimes that person sucks. So if you are wondering, which I am sure you are not, why my blog has been a tad sparse this week that is why. I will buck up my ideas this weekend and hopefully move on to produce some better content.

House sitting – On Thursday I unwillingly got roped into house sitting for my Mum. Don’t get me wrong I love to help out, but relocating myself and the dog for one night, looking after the farm animals night and morning and still getting to work on time was more stress than I needed. Not to mention how horrendous my hayfever was on Friday morning. The idea of being in the middle of nowhere is lovely, and I slept like a dream, but the 100 attempts to connect to wifi, the constant buffering of First dates and the early start to feed animals in the rain on a Friday morning before work was not what this week needed.  



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