Five Moments – April

I always think the months go by so fast, which they do, but looking back over the month I am always amazed at how much I have managed to squeeze in those 4-5 weeks. April has been lovely, filled with laughter, friends, family, days out, new places, new memories a quite a bit of spontaneity from the girl who likes to plan everything. These are my five grateful moments from April.

Prague – I know this has snuck onto both March and April’s five moments, the benefits of having a cross month trip. Starting April in Prague made the month start on exactly the right foot. I don’t want to keep metioning this trip as I am sure you are all bored of me chatting on about one poxy weekend but it really has given me the bug to plan more trips and say yes to more outings.

Afternoon tea with the girls – Easter Monday, Lucy, Abi, Beth and I headed to the lovely Coombe Abbey hotel in Warwickshire for afternoon tea. I have had a few visits to Coombe Abbey with work and for walks but never for afternoon tea so I was pretty excited. The food was delicious, made even better with the accompanying Hendricks gin cocktail and some lovely company. It was a nice distraction from the fact it was almost a year to the day that we were sunnying ourselves in Portugal celebrating Abi’s Hen do.

Bank Holiday weekend – I love Easter when it falls late in April, it just leaves us with Bank holiday sandwiches. I almost forget what it is like to do a full week at work. Easter was lovely, I really feel this is the most underrated holiday. It was so relaxing, I finally felt I had the chance to catch up with myself, read my book and have time with my family, friends and ponies. Made even better by the next bank holiday only being two weeks later.


House jobs – Spring seems to have given me the motivation and inspiration to get back onto home improvements. The garden has really come back to life and the flowers are blooming, the lawn is mowed and looks lovely, its such a nice little sun trap out there I do really love it. I have been filled with garden ideas this year which is a complete contrast to last year when I was looking at a concrete jungle of breeze blocks, overgrown weeds, and hundreds of pebbles. I have also finally committed to having the upstairs doors done. Because of the cost I only bought four but I think I am going to buy the last two soon and just get them all done so I can finally have the stairs recarpeted. This will make a huge difference to the upstairs which will actually almost be finished.

Bluebell Woods- I have had these bluebell woods on my to visit agenda for about five years now and every year something comes up that stops me from going. I had visited back in about 2012 I think, with my dad and his ex-partner. She always took us really lovely places near by and I literally fell in love with Coton Manor. Its a lovely Manor house in a village called Gilsborough in Northamptonshire. They have the prettiest house, with open gardens for you to look round, a cafe, plant nursery and of course the Bluebell woods. This year I managed to secure my Dad, sister and nephew to go and we headed over last Sunday. The sea of bluebells are even prettier than I remembered I could have spent all day in there it felt so magical. I am so grateful, I actually got around to doing something I have wanted to do for a long time and I will definitely be putting May day bank holiday aside to go see them again next year. 





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