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Here I am with yet another series. I am not certain how often I will keep these up, I am thinking either every other week or maybe monthly, weekly you perhaps may get bored of hearing what I am doing but we shall see. We use to have something similar at work on a Friday called Media Digest, it was a weekly E-bulletin that went out to staff which highlighted places we had been spotted in the media and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was somewhat disappointed when it stopped. For this reason along with the problem of my weekly trends filling up with Netflix series and books I am enjoying I thought this new series was perhaps needed, maybe not, we shall see.

For now, these are the things that are keeping me busy/ entertained. It is slightly Mental Health orientated this week, this wasn’t intentional but working where I do, sometimes I find it hard to not indulge in, and I love to see and read about how much counselling does change lives and celebrate the amount of media coverage mental health is receiving especially by those online. So here we go.  

Book – This week I am reading A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled by Ruby Waxed and absolutely love it, there has been some real laugh out loud moments. I try to include mindfulness into my week as often as I can so obviously I was going to buy this book. I am only a couple of chapters in so will update at a later date. 

TV Programme – I have been fully immersed in HBOs Big Little Lies it is incredibly gripping, I even woke early to squeeze an extra episode in. I have also just finished the last series of HBO Girls, I am a little sad that it has come to an end although I can’t say I will miss Hannah and Marnie all that much. The issues and the journey we follow these girls through has been so much more accurate of millennials life in the big city than Sex and The City’s representation of their generation could have ever been. I can’t do a tv program round up without mentioning the new series of First Dates, this is my absolute guilty pleasure, I find the programme so entertaining and heart-warming, and can we take a second to appreciate how dreamy Toby was?  

Blog/ Vlog post – I have read a lot of blogs this week and did try to put some time aside for vlogs. I have read some absolutely amazing blogs but nothing I haven’t really shared before. My personal highlight was Sally from Themakeupdirectory talking about products with added SPF, (not including makeup). This post made me really evaluate how little I actually look after my skin, despite thinking I have a really well throught out skin care routine. Vlogs I am struggling with, I love the idea and I have some firm faves in the shape of Lily Pebbles and whatolivia did but sometimes I feel like I am watching a capsule of someone’s week, which I don’t really get or have time for. Maybe I just prefer reading, I am not sure. Watch this space for the next post I may have found something I really love. 

Podcast –  I have enjoyed a week of podcasts, some highlights have been Bryony Gordon with Emma Gannon, Byrony Gordon with Prince Harry (maybe its Byrony Gordon maybe it’s the highlight of mental health and OCD but I cannot get enough of this lady). Desert Island disc with Emma Bridgewater, I believe that you are attracted to things for a certain reason and as I scrolled through the Desert Island Discs I needed to catch up with, Emma Bridgewater stood out and I am so glad it did. Emma is a real inspiration and left me with a lot of food for thought going forward.   

Instagram account to follow – As this is my first media round up I am going to add my long term favourite Elle from Feathering the empty nest. This lady is an absolute inspiration, not only in strength and class but in style, humour, personality, and interiors. I look forward to catching up on her Instagram stories with her pug Boris every lunch time. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by her. 

I hope with time I will crawl out of my bubble that is walking to work and avoiding my car and listen to the radio or watch some films to add music and films to this list but I can’t make promises. 


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