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Good Morning Sunday, I am on the sofa, drinking tea catching up on yesterday’s Badminton XC whilst the sun streams in. This week has been pretty darn good so I don’t want to ruin it by mentioning things that haven’t been great. Really, though, let us be honest, I haven’t actually been capable of thinking up anything I would I put in the not so great section. I feel I have lost a bit of blogging inspiration but we won’t dwell on it too much, I thought it would have come back this week but I have been so busy it doesn’t seem to have had time to make an appearance. That aside, these are the things I have loved this week.

Bank Holiday Monday – I had a lovely bank holiday Monday, again it was another bank holiday where I could really chill out. After a few too many weekends out recently, I just didn’t want to drink anymore so Sunday night I stayed in and started Monday feeling fresh. I took Rooney out with my friend Steph and then I went over to see my Grandma I thought I was going to be there for an hour or so, enjoy a cup of tea a few too many chocolate biscuits and be on my way. Four hours later I was on my way feeling a stone heavier after managing to land myself an early buffet dinner and Eton Mess for pudding. It was such a lovely afternoon, my older sister, cousin Sam and her two children and my other cousin Lydia were there and it was really nice to have a girly catch up over carby comfort food with Grandma. 

Face time – Monday night continued in good stead with a facetime catch up with my lovely welsh buddy and much-missed housemate Amy. We are terrible at scheduling these calls so we rambled on for two hours catching up on everything between home, dogs, work, Amys very exciting wedding plans. She always makes me laugh so much it was a lovely ending to a long weekend seeing her face. 

Bluebell woods – I mentioned this in my Five Moments and I am still so happy I was able to see the bluebells this year they are so beautiful, so if you have any time to spare this week head on over you might be able to catch them before they go. 

Afternoon in Birmingham – On Wednesday I needed to have a look at a conference space in Birmingham. My site visit was late afternoon and I knew I wasn’t going to make it back to work on the trains that were available so I decided to take a later train home and meet my friend once she finished work to have a wander around Birmingham. I have spent a bit of time in Birmingham, it’s the closest city to us after Leicester so I do sometimes go for shopping trips but I haven’t really spent much time looking around. It is a pretty diverse and exciting city with loads of burger places and bars to enjoy my two favourite city pass times. We wandered down the arcades, stopped for Macarons in Miss Macaroon (it pains me) and then went to the alchemist for cocktails. The Alchemist was so much fun, we will definitely be booking to revisit this bar soon. 

Jo Malone –  Star Magnolia – If there was anything to love about Birmingham apart from burgers and bars it is that they have their very own Jo Malone store at Grand Central. I popped in to test some new fragrances, I was toying between Earl Grey & Cucumber and the Nectarine blossom and Honey when I spotted the new Star Magnolia, this is a limited edition and gosh is it good. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a May time treat.  

Saturday night with the girls I feel like there has been a turning point in becoming older more mature recently. The past few years if we were going into town we probably would have been putting in a half arsed effort into an out-out night out. This weekend I was desperate to catch up with the girls properly so we decided to go for dinner in town. Living on the outskirts there is usually an abundance of nice pubs and restaurants to choose from close by which often means that we miss out on the new places popping up in the city. Me, Lauren, Becky and my little sis Pip booked a table at Casa Romana. You honestly wouldn’t have known this little restaurant was there, it was like stepping into a tardis, tiny on the outside but full to the brim of occupied tables. The atmosphere was lovely and the food was even better and it was so well priced. We chatted, we laughed, we talked about so much we haven’t had the chance to in ages, it was a really great night. 


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