How to make a skin care routine for you

I haven’t been shy about talking about my skin care of late, from a girl who used to at best use a face wipe/ baby wipe to remove her makeup to now a converted double cleanser I have learned the importance of a good skincare routine the hard way and now wouldn’t look back. 

I can understand the lack of appeal this has to many of us. We are young, bright-faced we don’t think things will catch up with us and then there is the overwhelming number of products on the market claiming to do this and that, it is difficult to know where to start with them all. The most important step in skincare is to curate a skin care routine that works for you, so these are just some of the tips that I have picked up along the way.


 Skin type – First you want to determine your skin type. I know my skin can become really dry if I buy the wrong products so I tend to go for products that hydrate and lock in moisture. For me, the Ordinary Hyaluronic serum has been a skin saver. It should be pretty easy to determine your own skin type but if you are struggling you can go ask any beauty counter or do a little online quiz which should help determine what you are working with. 

Cleanser– This moves us onto the first step. As I mentioned I am a fully converted double cleanser, I like a good balm, cream based products or cleansing milk to start with and then I always finish with the Garnier Micellar water with infused oil. I love this product it gives me a really dewy finish but I would recommend sticking to just simple Micellar water if you are prone to oily skin. Thanks to the new trend of double cleansing there are some amazing products on the market such as Emma Hardie Cleansing balm, Kate Somerville’s Goat milk cleanser, Kiehl’s cleanser, Garnier Micellar water, Pixi Double cleanser

Toner – Toner was always one of those products I had heard about but never really understood, and I have to admit it was one of the hardest to remember to add into my skincare routine. I invested in the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix extreme pads Day and Night (they are both often on offer in Superdrug). These were a solution to all my problems. These little pads are already soaked so it just means applying one a couple of times a week for instant results. Again toners will differ depending on skin type so shop around if it feels too strong or stings when you put it on it is probably not right for you. 

Moisturiser – I try to use two different types of moisturisers, I have really learned the value of having SPF in my morning moisturiser. At night I tend to pick a night cream that is slightly thicker that can hydrate my skin. My favourite moisturiser at the moment is Kiehls Super multi-corrective cream SPF 30


Serum – I mentioned about the Ordinary, I couldn’t recommend this range more. There are various products you can choose from to fit your skin type. Serums are able to go deeper into your skin, battling various problems but for me, I find they really hydrate my skin and help lock in my moisture. I will use this after toning before my moisturiser for a better base to start my make up on. 

Eye cream – I was late to the party with eye creams but now I have one that I love I can see it staying put for a long time. I didn’t think at 26 eye cream was needed but now it is in my day to day routine I have noticed what a difference it makes. Not only will eye creams prevent ageing around the eye they will also brighten the area and reduce dark circles from late nights. 

SPF – As children, we are always told how important suncream was, I would never burn but as a (younger) adult I didn’t take it seriously at all. We all know that UV is the largest contributor to ageing skin and UV rays can effect our skin even when it’s cloudy so SPF is so important. Always opt for a broad spectrum SPF and don’t just rely on your foundation including SPF, this is not enough. 

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