My low carb comfort food

I think we can agree that when we hear the words ‘carb free’, comfort food does not spring to mind. Carb free are the meals you have to begrudgingly opt for when you are trying to flatten the old tum or when you are trying to eat a few more veg. I am not very good at going without, days in I am dreaming of chips and takeaways and all the things I wouldn’t usually want.

I am a terrible cook, I am lazy when it comes to food, uninventive and a massive fan of the humble crumpet or jacket potato. I am good at knowing diets inside out, how many calories I need and what type of food groups to eat when, but when it comes to cooking for myself it sometimes feels like too much effort.

This dish, however, is a real winner. I wouldn’t say it’s the healthiest but it’s low carb, tasty, and I would be as bold as to say you wouldn’t know it was made of just spiralized vegetables and sauce. So here is the recipe for my butternut squash spaghetti and creamy red pesto sauce.

Sorry about the photos, the only way I could make it look pretty was to keep the sauce separate but this isn’t what this dish is about!


Enough for two

Butternut squash spaghetti – Despite having a spiralizer I just buy these ready made from the supermarket it’s a lot easier, for an even healthier meal use courgette or spiralized carrot.

Low fat cream cheese – you can use full fat if you don’t believe low fat is any better, I don’t really mind which I pick up.

1/2 jar of red pesto or make your own pesto. 

Chicken breasts or Halloumi – both work well.

  1. Cook chicken or Halloumi in the separate pan. If you are cooking halloumi I always dust it with a bit of flour, a trick my granny told me about and it works a treat, it stops it going chewy or ‘squeaky’.
  2. Heat the spaghetti in a big frying pan, watch so they don’t burn or go crispy. Add cream cheese and stir through and then red pesto.
  3. Add the chicken or halloumi and stir through
  4. serve but don’t expect it to look too pretty. I am not one of food presentation when it comes to my own cooking but this is really a one bowl wonder that tastes amazing. 

I feel a bit of a fraud even making this into a post. It is as simple as a pot noodle but honestly, it is so good, a real rainy night comfort food I thought I would share.  



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