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How lovely has this week been? Apart from you Friday. As I mention all too often everything is so much easier when the sun is shining and everything is a bit warmer. I have had a lovely week, dinner with the family, an evening walk with my Dad, plenty of time with the horses and as I have mentioned a trillion times by now my braces have been fitted. Whilst I am not thrilled to have braces on my teeth I recognise it as a step closer to having the teeth I want so I am pretty pleased I am a smidge closer to having a brace free life. I have even been embracing a few spontaneous phone calls, catching up with friends, which if you knew me, you would know what a massive deal this is because I truly believe there is nothing (well maybe excluding a couple of things) that can’t be said in a text. These are my weekly trends this week:

Going up

Kasabian – For crying out loud – This will be going on my media rounds ups but I felt like it fully deserved a spot here. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to listen to the album all the way through and back again until all the songs were etched into my mind. Now I don’t really drive anywhere it’s really hard to listen to whole albums, so I waited until the weekend (before) to put it on. I cannot wait for this tour, the album is so good, it’s bringing so many memories back from last summer. 

Charlotte Tilbury – Eye wand – I am a massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury, It’s probably the gold cases more than anything but I love their range. I had the chance to try their eye wand and omg girls you need this in your life. Shop it here. 

Braces – As you probably be aware by now on Wednesday I had my braces fitted. I am beyond pleased I have finally gone through with this, and whilst I do feel I still look slightly scary (despite what my friends say) I am so chuffed that I have finally got them on. I did a full post here so won’t rattle on about them. 

Numnah of dreams for Rooney – After my orthodontist appointment Mum and I headed over to Towerfarm, this is the Holy Grail of tack shops if you have horses in Warwickshire or Leicestershire. It was the horsey kids equivalent to Toys R us when I was a child. For any non-equestrians out there a numnah is a pad that sits under the saddle, offering more support for the horse’s back. Like any accessory, there are a number of types, colours, styles available but my favourite by far at the moment are Le Mieux. They are so stylish, practical and the colours are just so lovely. I had been desperate to pick one up for Rooney since I bought my sister one, so I managed to get my hands on one in navy and it had its first outing yesterday. I am sure no one is excited but me about this- maybe my friend Becky. That is it – sorry for using a whole slot up on this non-relatable product. 

Eurovision – Before you get too excited I wouldn’t say Eurovision is on my weekly charts alone, I still find the concept mind boggling, but when my old uni housemate Will and his girlfriend invited me to a Eurovision party with gin and BBQ food, I was not going to pass the opportunity by to catch up with them both, meet some new people and have a laugh at the singer’s expense. Eurovision has still left me speechless, from Romania’s Yodel it, which combined rap and yodelling in one song (clear winners in my eyes) to Moldova’s foot tapping, saxophone playing masterpiece and Croatia’s bizarre split personality ballad its safe to say I won’t witness performances like that again for a while. I had a lovely evening which rounded of the week perfectly.  

Going down 

Not being able to eat – I know I should be welcoming a break from food, it will be good for me at least but I can honestly say a diet of soup and smoothies is doing me no favours. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed chewing food. Before my braces went on I was seriously considering a 3 day juice cleanse. I have proven to myself that I will never have the willpower to do this. 

Finishing Gossip girl –  I have just finished gossip girl for the millionth time and I am at my wit’s end trying to find something to replace it with. I have caught up on all trashy TV – Some I don’t want to admit to. So if anyone can recommend something as addictive and easy to watch let me know because I really can’t allow myself to watch it again. 


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