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Working in events I don’t really have a choice but to be organised. The date is fixed and that event needs to be delivered whether I am ready for it or not, so being prepared is my only option. I am a relatively organised person, I am the Monica of the group, the one that organises trips and keeps everything in plastic wallets and has an agenda for most of it whether I will admit to it or not. 

I need to, first of all, say that I don’t think I am a great person because I am organised quite the contrary. Sometimes my time keeping can drive me mad. I can arrive somewhere exactly on time which is great if it’s a job interview or an appointment but when it’s a party or drinks and what your friends mean by 7 pm is actually 09:30 pm I often find I am sitting in my car trying to waste 10 – 15 minutes so I don’t have to admit to being uncouthly early. 

Nonetheless being organised can really help me especially when it comes to multi-tasking, prioritising and building a good work-life balance. I read a really interesting article not so long ago, full post here. The article explained that you need to put one thing at the top of your to-do list, this needs to be a job that if you were only to do that task that day you would feel like you achieved something, along with this advice which I have lived by since reading, these are some tips I had for staying on track.  


This is the big one, preparation is essential. Waking up knowing that you are prepared for the day ahead helps everything else run smoothly. Prepare as much as you can, your food for the day, your outfit, work and anything else you will need for the day ahead. 


Scheduling is one of the most helpful tools you can use to stay organised. Blogging with a full-time job would not be possible without the help of scheduling tools. I use scheduling tools for all social media, my blog, I even write emails and schedule for them to go out in the morning so they arrive in inboxes at the optimum time. Scheduling and scheduling tools can be your biggest aid in staying on top of admin. 


Being organised doesn’t mean we remember everything. My short time memory can be pretty bad so I have a notebook where I write literally every task down, whether it is just empty washing machine ( a given that I would do as soon as I am home) or a task I know I would avoid or forget, I just jot down and have a glance over when I am home to make sure there is nothing I need to do. 

Clear out

Tidy life = tidy mind, or so they say. I have to admit my working space is never super tidy, I like to have everything close by but I do like my home life to be as neat and organised as I can. Declutter and detox clothes, and things from your life as often as you can. Being around a tidy environment can work wonders at keeping you organised. 

Plan ahead

Planning ahead will help you factor in anything that might alter your outcome. If you are driving somewhere factor in fuel stops into the time, make sure you have the full address and know where you are going. Big meeting? Do your research, find out if there is going to be any questions you might be left stumped on and talk to whoever you can to be prepared. The more you look ahead the more prepared and professional you will come across. 

Value time 

Valuing time is so important to me. Know how long something will take you to do and be realistic, even if you know it will only take five minutes to drive somewhere, factor in traffic lights, that text you want to respond to when you arrive and contingency for any minor things that can happen. Valuing time is so important, I can find it so insulting when others don’t value my time, it’s the only thing we can’t get back so if you can’t value your own, remember wherever you are going if you are not organised and prepared there is a good chance you are wasting someone else’s. 


 Not everything will need doing that minute or even that day, going back to the article I mentioned earlier in the post figure out the items that need doing that day and then priortise what can be done tomorrow. Not everything will be as important as you feel it is in a moment of stress. Writing them all down and listing them in a matter of importance will help you calm down and reevaluate how urgent they actually are. 

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