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This week was one of pure exhaustion, one with some massive highs but it just came and went at about a trillion miles per hour and whilst I know on paper I achieved quite a bit visually I feel like I accomplished little. On Sunday I started moving pebbles off where I want my new flower bed. I promised myself half an hour a night after work would have them shifted but I have not set foot in the garden since. I have however been in Chester for a few days with work, Todhpurs has been going at full pelt (excuse the pun), I needed some overdue friend time, and then I was bunged up in bed all day yesterday with some horrid bug. Despite still feeling like Monday- Friday was just 24 hours this week there are still some weekly trends so here you go! 

Going up 

Dinner with Lauren and Emily – These two are business goals, they are forever up and down the country running their business. Lauren is always the one I turn to for a business related moan, the one I offload my stress related chat on to. So when she invited me over for a bit of a catch up on Tuesday I knew it would do me the world of good. I headed over with soup in tow, when Emily said she would make me some none chewable dinner. This girl is genuinely one of the nicest, grounded, genuine girls, I know (sorry to any of my other friends reading this) I just don’t know anyone as selfless as Emily and it’s not just because she made me sweet potato mash. It was the first full meal since my braces went on a week before. It was nice to just have an excuse to do nothing, ignore my phone, avoid emails for a bit and chill out.  

An impromptu trip to Chester– On Thursday I went up to Chester with work, it was for an event I wasn’t supposed to be attending but after a few last minute changes, they asked me if I would mind going and I am so glad I did. I arrived Thursday afternoon and took the short walk from the station through the centre to the Crowne Plaza hotel, which took a little longer than it should have because I couldn’t stop taking photos of buildings, walls, gardens it is one the most beautiful cities. In the evening we headed out as a group to Bella Italia and then went on to The Botanist for a couple of cocktails. A good work catch up with colleagues I don’t see enough and some live music was just the mid-week pick up needed. Chester is an incredible city and I definitely want to return soon.

Busy week with Todhpurs –  I know Todhpurs is not relatable to many of my readers but as a massive part of my life at the moment I feel like it deserves a mention because I don’t have much else to talk about. This week we have made some massive progress, ticked off some major firsts, had a meeting with our supplier about a new range and got our first mention in Polo Quarterly magazine. The long slogs, late nights of emails and the pressure we put on each other seems to be worth it.

Blogs two-year birthday – This week marked my blog’s two year birthday! It is a crazy short time in comparison to other well-known blogs. I was listening to At Home With podcast by Lily Pebbles and Anna from The Anna Edit interviewing Kate La Vie and their blogs have been going since 2009-2010 so mine is a tiny seedling in comparison but I am so proud that I have managed to keep this up for two years now. So Happy Birthday little slice on the internet. 

Fat Face – I have always thought of Fat Face as a bit mumsy mainly because my Mum shopped there however since the store popped up in Rugby my thoughts on the brand have changed massively. I guess my taste in clothes has changed too. I no longer feel like I need to try and keep up with trends. I like clothes I feel confident in and often go for staple items I can wear over and over again rather than picking up a cheap badly made dress from Miss Guided for the weekend and regretting buying into a style that is never going to last. Recently I have been picking up some really nice pieces from Fat Face which can be dressed up or down. My favourite this week is a shirt dress I purchased in the sale for £20. I am so in love with it, I just want some nicer weather so I can actually take it for a twirl. 

Going down

My hair – I have reached a bit of a dead end with my hair. Before my lovely hairdresser went on maternity I decided to cut a whole chunk off the bottom, partly because I wanted a change and secondly because I don’t trust anyone else to do my hair. I know I need a bit of a trim a few layers in. I want long hair for summer to try and pull off the beachy look when I can’t be bothered to not do anything with it. So any suggestions would be great.

Make up all running out at once – Does this happen to anyone else? Recently I have felt like I have had a good selection of make-up, lipsticks could do with some new additions but as a whole, I actually have become pretty excited to do my makeup as I have a bit more choice but lately, I have noticed it all running out at once and it fills me with absolute dreading thinking of repurchasing it all. 

Serum disater – This kind of follows on from the last point and also fits in with the perils of traveling with work all the time. A few weeks back I purchased a new The Ordinary serum, I love this serum it’s not expensive, I paid £6 so it is no biggy but when I woke on Friday at the hotel to make my early work start, I opened my makeup bag to find the whole jar of recently purchased serum had leaked in my makeup bag and sunk to the bottom, covering everything in this watery liquid and leaving me with no serum. It was a real Ross in friends moment, I took all the shampoos, soaps and showercaps to make up for it!

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