Only love can.

This week still has me lost for words, I have sat here staring at this screen for longer than I would care to say. I usually avoid commenting on events such as the one that hit Manchester on Monday night, often unable to find the right words or even know how to begin to express the feelings that these events leave me with, but Manchester it has shaken me. I stayed quiet on social media whilst finding comfort throughout the day in the endless love and compassion the World showed us. This atrocious act of terror was carried out by one not in the name in Islam, or religion but in the name of evil and terror.

There is a french saying C’est une folie d’haïr toutes les roses parce que une épine vous a piqué which translates to, “It is madness to hate all roses because a thorn stung you”. It is a phrase I have always carried with me, but this week feels like a sting too many. With Manchester, watching Three Girls and little Boy Blue it is hard to see through all this hurt, evil and ugliness that is carried from day to day. Yet through this the good, the love, the open houses, taxi drivers turning their meters off, strangers opening their homes to offer the slightest bit of comfort in a time of need, it’s these acts of kindness I try to cling to because like the saying goes, ‘hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that”. 

This week though I really don’t feel like sharing the things I have loved and not loved in the form of my weekly trends, because really who cares if 8-hour cream has slightly helped me during a mild common cold or I enjoyed the sunshine, when people are coming to terms with a loss of a loved one or a life changing injury after having the time of their lives I just can’t do it. I had blog posts all scheduled in this week and I couldn’t do it, they felt so frivolous, so pointless. I know life must resume, we can’t live in fear, we can’t hide away we have to keep going about our day to day activities no matter how trivial and pointless they may feel in comparison but right now none of it feels right. This week isn’t about me, it is all about the 22 happy, healthy concert goers who lost their lives, the 50+ who were injured, the 1000s of Ariana fans who will remember Monday night for all the wrong reasons, Ariana Grande, who will always carry that little bit of responsibility for those lives there. It’s about the emergency services that worked non-stop, the police who had to cancel any needed time off to be extra vigilant to keep the rest of us safe, the NHS workers in the hospitals across Manchester that cared for everyone. It’s about the two homeless men who had nothing to offer but love, compassion, some reassuring words and a pair of hands but were there for so many victims, it’s about all those people that went above and beyond to offer comfort.  

Listening to live music is a  massive passion of mine and to many of my friends and family, from local bands at the pub to live concerts like Ariana Grande’s. These are nights I look forward to for an escape, to revel in the excitement and joint love for a band I share with 1000s of others in the arena. I can remember the feeling of pure elation I felt at Kasabian last summer, it marked my year for me, to think that something so devastating could have happened there would have been incomprehensible. It was the happiest, safest most united feeling being there, this feeling should have never been ripped away from innocent children on a Monday night.

This week I am going to focus on the good in life and go about my day just trying to put a bit more kindness out there. I know too often I can be snappy with the people I love and care about because I let the ‘stress’ of life get to me and lose all perspective of what is important. This week instead of telling you all about make- up I am going to clear clothes out for charity, add more life in to the garden and just choose to be a better person because right now kindness is what we need.  




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