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Good Morning Friday, I have nearly a week off work so let’s hope there is some sunshine here to stay. I can usually fill this section full with ramblings but this week I still haven’t managed to get the blogging hype back in me. I still feel a little bit defeated/deflated but I have been reading, hearing, seeing so many wonderful things lately, so in the art of sharing only good things in the media here are some of this week’s favourites. 

Podcast: For anyone who listens to Emma Gannon’s podcast you will hear at the beginning they are sponsored by Natwest Women in business, so naturally I went over to have a listen and I have really been enjoying them. There are some really inspiring interviews and some useful tips to remember if you are lacking motivation. Any girls out there setting up your own business I urge you to have a little listen.

My next Podcast is At home with Lily Pebbles, Anna The Edit, interviewing Kate La vie. I listened to this the morning it came out and loved it. I follow all three of these lovely girls and Kate Johnson is absolute interior goals. So if you are looking for some interior inspiration and some chat with three lovely ladies have a listen here.

And lastly, because podcast is life at the moment Bryony Gordon’s (yes I know, and no she is not paying me) podcast Mad World with Matt Haig. As everyone knows I am a big fan of  Matt Haig and his book Reasons to stay alive so I was beyond excited to see he was Bryony Gordon’s guest this week a podcast I already love. Definitely, check it out!

Music- As I mentioned in my weekly trends a few weeks ago Kasabian for Crying out loud has completely taken over my whole life. I love this album. Good fight has been on repeat over and over since the first day I heard it. I am not going to shy away from the fact I can’t get enough of Harry Styles at the moment either – don’t judge he is dreamy.

Film – On the weekend I was ill (I know you have heard all about it) I got through so much TV. Along with One Day which I know breaks my heart every time I revisit the book and the film I also watched Sully. Sully is based on the story of the American Airlines plane that landed on the Hudson river and more importantly about the pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and his co-pilot Jeff Skiles and their decision to land the plane the way they did. I was on tenterhooks this whole film, it’s a much watch and do not worry if you are a nervous flyer, I am not a massive fan but it really doesn’t focus on the plane much at all.

TV – Three Girls on BBC, God where do I start? Firstly I think it’s amazing that the BBC are turning these atricious crimes into true story based dramas, I think it is so important that these stories are shared, not only to give the victims justice and light as to what happened to them but also to highlight what is happening behind close doors. It is a heavy, uneasy watch but you should watch it.

The returned – This was another Netflix series, I know, I know. But the day I was unwell I managed to get through the whole series and absolutely loved it. I am not sure there will be another series which annoys me greatly but it was another highly addictive Netflix Original Series. It was a remake of a French series that actually ran for two seasons but it doesn’t look like Netflix is bringing it back for more, which is rather annoying as I have so many unanswered questions. 


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