What I have learned from Braces so far

This is my second brace related post to anyone who has just joined. The first one is here. On the 25th I went for my first brace check up and tightening, I was in there for 30 minutes and I still cannot believe how painless they are, Pain in the arse somtimes, perhaps but not painful. I am so pleased with how quickly they began to move so I try to take photos as often as I can, these are the few things I have learned from having braces so far. 

No one else cares – First off, no one else cares. A few of my friends treated me like I had just come out of major surgery (these are the type of friends we love), friends who just ran up to me and wanted to see them and then the rest, and I am talking about 95% of the rest of the population just didn’t care because to them they are really not a big deal and most of our generation have either worn them or wanted them. 

So many other people have them – One of the first things I realised is how many other people had braces. I posted my first blog and received many comments including comments from my Mum’s friends who all have recently had them fitted. From Invisalign, to clear and metal braces there are more people than you imagine who understand why you are wearing them.

Office snacking goes down– Whilst I wouldn’t say I have lost any weight from having braces fitted  – (a girl will still find a way to eat). My office snaking changed considerably. Before I would snack on the hour every hour, once they had been fitted unless I wanted to eat yoghurt alone throughout the morning there wasn’t much I could do. Within the first week, my morning diet went from breakfast and three snacks to a smoothie and a yoghurt before lunch which has done me wonders. 

I started to make more time for my appearance – I can’t really say why this was, I don’t know whether it was to compensate for my braces or whether I wanted to make more effort because I was paying so much towards my appearance but nonetheless I started to straighten my hair before work and wearing makeup. The little things like this really picked my confidence back up.

Wax helps – I had never really used the wax I had been given as a teenager but my bottom braces were really digging in on my bottom lip. Whilst it is not painful it was just a bit uncomfortable but wax along the bottom will really help with padding and stopped it instantly. Try boots wax, it is £3.50 but it is miles better than the one you are given. 

They’re really not painful – Painful is not what I would describe braces as – sure they were a little uncomfortable from time to time and it wasn’t pleasant trying to eat food but it is definitely more of an ache than a pain. 

You get used to them so quickly – you don’t forget that they are on but you soon get used to them, talking to people is no longer scary, you don’t feel the need to tell everyone you meet that you have had them fitted they just become part of the process. 

 You see changes really fast – I thought I was being optimistic thinking I saw changes in the first few days but I really did notice small changes to my teeth very early on. I took photos before I had my braces fitted to keep an eye on how quickly they change. This is so motivating, knowing that they are moving makes it all feel worth it. 

Eating gets easier – Just as the liquid diet becomes a bit more tolerable and you think you might actually start losing a pound or two eating suddenly becomes a lot easier. Just start with soft foods, soft bread rolls, vegetable soups, baked beans etc worked well for me, really the faster you get over the idea of them hurting the easier eating becomes. 

Looking after your teeth become a massive priority – My dental hygiene had always been the basic, clean twice a day, remember to floss with the little brushes and use mouth wash, but now my braces are on it has become an obsession of mine, I can’t go to a mirror without checking how white they look, how healthy my gums look and trawling Oral-b and Colgate’s website for new products (I know, new levels of geek even for me). 

If anyone has any brace related questions please just ask!

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