Five Moments – May

I still feel rather uneasy talking about things I have enjoyed, loved and laughed at after the events in Manchester but after a weekend with the family and babysitting my terror of a Nephew who out smartened me on many an occasion it is hard to not feel rather blessed right now. This is not a smug post but I guess if anything, this month has really made me take every opportunity to spend time with the ones I love and these monthly posts were started so I could reflect on the positives when sometimes it can feel there is no good out there so I am going to continue with them.

Let us start with the best of May and that is bank holidays galore. After a late Easter May has blessed us with its usual two bank holidays and I know I am not speaking just for me when I say bank holiday and some sunshine is what we all needed. These are the (narrowed down) five things I am grateful for this month.

Dinner at Casa Romana– The first weekend in May Becky, Lauren, Pip and I went to Casa Romana, a small Italian in Leicester which I had repeatedly heard wonderful things about. This little restaurant is just next to Terrace bar (if you know Leicester) and is an absolute little traditional find. I couldn’t recommend this place more, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was so homely, family filled and it was so reasonably priced. We stayed there for hours, catching up over wine in a cosy corner.

Bank Holidays Galore – As I mentioned before May has blessed us with two bank holidays with the pretty decent weather for the UK. They have been the perfect opportunity to chill out and catch up with friends. I booked Friday to Wednesday off work this week as I was supposed to be going camping with friends but work commitments got in the way. To make up for it I have been treated to a delicious meal at Barnacles, another outstanding restaurant in Leicestershire if you like seafood. A Friday morning stroll to the village shop with George and Pixie for a ‘nice lolly’, a trip to the Aqua park at Rutland, a BBQ and lots of Rooney and Dougal time. I achieved little in the way of the house and life admin I had to do but sometimes time at home, abandoning all plans and just seeing what happens, is what I need. 


Todhpurs – I know Todhpurs keeps getting a mention on here, I know it’s not the same as when I read other blogs and they talk about successes with their blogs because those successes are relatable and this isn’t but nonetheless it’s having a mention because May has marked a big step for us. We will soon be selling in Ireland, our boots are heading over to Connolly’s Red Mills store in Kilkenny which was amazing news. We had a feature in Spring’s addition of Polo Quarterly, one of the best polo magazines around, I was literally on cloud nine, and lastly, on Wednesday my sister Hannah and I went and ran a Todhpurs trade stand at Longdole Polo Club in one of my favourite parts of England. I think it’s important we celebrate the good because we put in so much blood (perhaps not) but sweat and tears for sure, sometimes it can feel hard to keep going but it’s the little things like these that keep the motivation and moral ticking. 


House Jobs –  May was the start of some house jobs that I had wanted to tick off for a while, we finally had new doors fitted upstairs which have made a whole world of difference. I changed the lounge around in a way that finally works, for now, and I have been doing a lot out in the garden. My rose bush I planted last summer has really taken off, and jokes aside I am beyond proud of how well it has grown out there. I am only slowly ticking things off which sometimes becomes disheartening but it is two years since we put the offer in on the house and when I look at the photos from the listing it’s so nice to see how much it has changed and even though there is still a lot to do I can then see the difference we have made. 

Aquapark Rutland Water- This was one of the funniest days I have had for a very long time, there were tears of laughter and it was just so much fun I can’t wait to return, we have already booked again for the 25th June! If you have followed my blog for a while you would have heard me mention Rutland Water before. It is a massive reservoir north of Leicestershire, it is some of the most beautiful countrysides. In the past you could keep yourself busy with water sports, bike rides, picnics, dog walks and pubs but In the last year or so they have introduced the Aquapark. It’s made up of various inflatable obstacles for you to enjoy at your own pace within the hour. My Mum booked us all in to go as part of my sister’s boyfriend Pete’s 30th Birthday present. It only costs £20 and you really get your money’s worth. We took a picnic to enjoy after on the grass, there is plenty of shoreline grass area for those not joining in to look after the picnic and take photos. It is such a fun day out for both children and adults. Visit here for more details. 




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