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For the second time, I was going to cancel posting my weekly trends. After the events that unfolded in London on Saturday night, I felt like giving up, it was hard to keep my head high and enjoy the vastness of weeks when so much hurt was being thrown at us week after week. It felt like no happiness was going to shine through, after Manchester, the political debates and London I just felt like giving up and staying in the garden where I could appreciate how nice things can be. This is what they want, they want us to doubt ourselves, hide away, stay in through fear, disagree, turn on each other. And then I watched One love Manchester, I cried, I laughed, I sent endless texts to my family message group and my friends, a running commentary, and whooped with joy on many an occasion. Manchester proved again, that love will always win, and with that, we get up, we brush ourselves off and we carry on, so that is what I am doing now. This is the post I had prepared before Saturday night with an important added extra. 

These weekly trends come around so fast, I feel no sooner have I posted one the next one is here. I missed last weeks, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate but this week I am back. After a week off work, some beautiful weather and a lot of family time, I feel well and truly refreshed and a lot more motivated than I did the last few weeks. So these are my weekly trends. 

Going up

One love Manchester – There is nothing that deserves to be at the top of this list more than One Love Manchester. The benefit concert Ariana Grande put on at Old Trafford Cricket Ground last night.  As I sat down on Sunday night with my sister and a cup of tea in hand I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy watch, I knew it would be upsetting and hopefully uplifting but I didn’t expect to take away the sheer amount of love and pride I was filled with when I finally stopped watching clips on repeat and went bed. Ariana Grande did more for the country’s moral and spirit than she will ever know, the impact a 23-year-old who has been through the trauma first hand was phenomenal, she united us all over the country, it was overwhelming speaking to friends family and scrolling through social media on Sunday night just reading how much this one young girl had done for so many people. We must remember that it wasn’t Ariana alone, the acts that all turned up and gave it their all and the whole operations team behind the scenes that managed to put together such a spectacular uplifting event in just one week was outstanding. 

Todhpurs tour – On Wednesday Hannah and I ticked off another first for Todhpurs and headed down to Longdole Polo Club for our first Todhpurs stand. It was an early start but I loved it. I spent some time catching up with Hannah, drove through some of my favourite places such as Moreton on the Marsh which has always been my absolute dream home location and we met some really lovely people. It took me back to the old Joules days when work didn’t feel so stressful, I got to watch some polo with a bit of a picnic it was a great day for both of us, I am already looking forward to the next one. 

June is here – Everyone who is close to me will know that without a doubt, June is my favourite month. I don’t need to mention the obvious reason, but I will, it’s my BIRTHDAY even as I approach 27 years old, argh. I am still beyond excited for the 14th June. We also have some major sporting events coming up, Glastonbury (I’m not going, don’t get jel), the official start of summer and I have some really exciting things planned, I don’t know why but I always find June so positive. 

Time off work- I don’t find it easy to take time off work, I know I sound crazy but I am less anxious if I know I am going to work, but as we got into May and I had still not used any holiday (thanks to time in lieu) I thought for my own sanity and my colleagues I should book some time off. As I mentioned in my May moments I couldn’t go on the camping trip I had planned so I spent time at home with the family, a lot of time with George and just let myself sleep. I woke up on Thursday so motivated to get back to work, to see the girls and crack on with events, I realised how important that time off actually is.  


Going down

No summer work clothes – As I woke on Thursday morning, ready to go back to work, feeling slightly smug that all my food was ready for the day ahead, I realised I had not put out any nice office clothes for the beaut weather that was blazing through the window. After half and hour of pulling clothes off hangers and throwing them onto the bed, I realised I had zero nice summery clothes to wear to work that didn’t feel inappropriately short. So instead I opted for black jeans and a little top, as you do when it is 20 degrees outside!

ASOS Beauty – Now don’t get me wrong, Asos Beauty itself is not going out, this website is my dream but as payday rolled in I was filling my basket full of all The Ordinary skin care products I wanted to try this month when I noticed the hyaluronic acid was out of stock, Whattt??? You will remember a few weekly trends back, my last little bottle of serum had spilt all into my makeup bag, hoping to make a repeat purchase asap I am now waiting, along with everything else in the basket because no one wants to pay double post and packaging do they? 

Facebook Politics – I don’t use Facebook much other than to spam farm photos and to share Todhpurs posts but since the shock announcement of the 2017 General election it has been an absolute bloodbath. This is the first year I am voting as a homeowner so it hasn’t been an easy decision for me and I have to admit for the first time ever I still don’t know who I am going to vote for, no party really fills me with confidence, but regardless, we have a hard enough time digesting the information each party throws as us. Dissecting what they really mean when they say something and how it will affect ourselves and our family. What I cannot stand are the constant posting, opinion throwing and bashing and sheer ignorance that we all have the freedom to vote for the party we feel will benefit us and the country the best. If someone asks for your opinion, by all means, share it but please do not plaster this one sided rubbish all over my news feed, you will just be deleted. 

Online Judging – Sometimes the internet can get too much. Someone is always judging other people’s actions. I know I for one can be guilty of this, as the news unfolded throughout Sunday I was amazed at how many people still went about their day posting selfies, uploading blog posts, snapchatting their weekend. I couldn’t comprehend how they could go about they day behaving like nothing bad had happened – but that is how I saw it. And then I remember that we all handle these situations differently, if you want to post and remind us all that there is still a life to live and we move on then do so, if you want to sit inside and process it all that is ok, if you need to surround yourself with friends and family then go ahead but please please don’t shame someone for how they go about their day after hearing such news. Unless they are a complete arsehole because we just don’t need that. 


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