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Another week done, I can’t say I had enjoyed this week at all, untill the weekend arrived. I had been filled with election anxiety and I have been so disappointed with how influences used social media as a platform to encourage people to vote for the party they were voting for and not encourage our generation to go and vote for the party that suits their needs. I know my political stance is different to many others I have read lately, but that doesn’t change my opinion of that person and I would never dream of telling anyone that they are wrong, cruel, deluded or misguided which many have proclaimed. I 100% stand by that you should vote for the party that suits your lifestyle and livelihood the best and if that doesn’t reflect the opinion of your parents, best friend or partner that is fine they have their own vote. But aside from that I am beyond proud of the 18-24 years old that went out and voted on Thursday night, I am not a Labour supporter but I was so pleased to see the passion on Twitter that so many of them felt, and whether the result was what any of us wanted, your voices were heard. My younger sister voted for the first time this year too and I am so proud that she did, every vote counts and reflects what the population really want, which is neither party by the looks of things, so that being said I am glad it is all over, to be honest.

After a pretty miserable week weather wise and mentally I decided that these weekly trends were only going to focus on the good, because one I didn’t want to mention the rain or the election anymore and two I think we all need now to focus on the future and the positives we can take from it all.

Birthday surprise – The absolute highlight of this week/ year was my birthday surprise to Brancaster beach on Sunday. I have been harping on about this beach for so long when I found out this is where we were spending Sunday – with some of my favourite people and the dogs, I was so excited. I was up and showered by 6:30 Sunday morning despite not leaving until 9! We had lovely weather, we wandered the beach, the dogs chased each other and had a swim in the sea, the weather was lovely, the scenery was beautiful and we stopped at the nicest little dog-friendly pub to enjoy some fish and chips. I had the loveliest of days, it’s amazing how a weekend in different places can actually make you feel so much more positive for Monday morning. Massive thanks to my little sister Pip for my first ever surprise, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.


All the girls –  This week I have been utterly spoilt with time spent seeing and talking to friends, but my main highlight was how much catching up with the girls I got. Rosie and Lauren both popped in separately on Sunday for a catch up over a cup of tea which was a perfect way to start a rainy Sunday. My friend Amy sent me a text on Thursday night which put the biggest smile on my face because we have finally set a date to see each other and Friday, Saturday and Sunday have all been friend and food filled. I am so lucky to have such a lovely, fun, supportive amazing group of friends. 

Todhpurs at Cheltenham College polo day – We have been fortunate enough to have been invited to a number of polo matches held at Longdole Polo Club to sell our Todhpurs boots at. It is such a massive opportunity to get the brand out there and of course watch some polo, even though yesterday was the windiest day on earth, we headed down for the Cheltenham College polo day. It was just the three of us (my two sisters and me) we had such a positive day, I am proud of our little team. 

Sweet treats Friday night- On Friday Becky, Lucy and I headed out for a very mature evening of ice cream and milkshakes. Sweet Treats in Hinkley my look like a sex shop, in a A5 layby on the outside but my god is the food amazing. I had the snickerella milkshake which involved a lot of snickers and nutella followed by the peanut butter heaven waffles and the cookies are forever cookie dough mix which we shared. 

Gardening – I know I come across very middle aged on here despite still having 3 days of being 26 left but I am loving gardening at the moment. I mentioned last week how good my rose bush looks but everything is really starting to come out in bloom, despite Dougal’s best efforts to dig them all up. I have found it so motivating how you can plant something so small and insignificant and then they bloom into something so pretty. 

Haircut – Last week I finally had my hair cut. My last appointment was back in October I think when I had my hair cut v. short. My lovely hairdresser was off on maternity leave and I knew full well no one else was going to be touching my hair so I thought as a mass cull of it would be best. I had all the layers taken out and whilst I absolutely loved having short hair I wanted it to be long again for summer. I just popped in for a bit of a trim, lots of new lovely layers in and of course a catch up. I love how healthy my hair now looks.  

Reading again – I will touch more on this in my next book stack when I get round to it. I finally decided to ditch the self-help, mental health, self-care, autobiography, Instagram made me buy them books and just pick up a novel. I was reading mindfulness books for my own ‘self-care’ to take time away from screens but it felt so forced, it was actually making my mind wander even more. So I threw the towel in and picked up a novel from the bookcase at work and I am so pleased I did, it was a random choice but it is a real page turner and I have that, just-one-more-page feeling back which I love.

Cute Photo Frames from George Asda – On Thursday after my orthodontist appointment I decided to nip into Asda whilst it was quiet to pick up some photo frames and some cute home bits. I have said it before but I love so much of the home range Asda does, their products are really great quality and very good value for money. I had spotted the copper frame on their website but thought it would look tacky in real life but I saw it in store and loved it, it was only £3 and it looks so lovely with a photo in. I wish I had picked up a few more.

Running – In the last few weeks, My sister and I have started running again. Until last year running was something I avoided like the plague. I had a teacher take the mick out of my running when I was at the Grammar school and being the so self-conscious teenager I was I decided from then on no one should have to see me run. In the last year, I have proven to myself running does get easier the more you persevere but  I would always stick to tracks where no one could see me. This was until I read Immymay’s post on her 10K run. I have never before this week ran on a treadmill at the gym, I was forever conscious that I would look like Pheobe from Friends or sound like an elephant. I decided to get better I needed to move on from this, so on Tuesday, I popped my headphones in and just got on with it. So big thanks to Immymay for the motivation and advice! 



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  • Aaaaah Jade! I am so glad you went out running, I bet you felt so good after?! Funny you say this, my running style is so weird (so people have told me for my whole life haha!) I have been called phoebe from Friends many times, but I just take it in my stride now. I may look odd, but it gets me from A to B so wotevs >:) Have a good week my love. I am also happy the election madness is over, fingers crossed there isn’t another soon haha! Immy x

    • I love it, I am going tonight! The running playlist was such a good tip! I am so pleased I finally ran on the treadmill it was so much easier for me in the gym because I know I am in there to exercise and not look at the pretty scenery, it was a really helpful read, thank you! I know here’s to friendly Facebook posts and sunny weather this week, **Fingers crossed**

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