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On Thursday my Dad treated my sisters and me to a birthday meal at John’s House in Mountsorrel. This is the first and only restaurant in Leicestershire which has been awarded a Michelin star as you can imagine I was rather excited when I found out we were going here.


I made the reservation back in May to ensure we could get a table. Booking via their website was easy. They do ask for a card to hold for the members who will be dining, any cancellations without sufficient notice were notified that they would be charged. They followed the booking up efficiently with emails and a courtesy phone call the week of the booking, which I always like as I am someone who will call to double check reservation is still ok. 

The restaurant is tucked away to the side of the road, a converted little cottage which could be easily missed, but it is just off the main street in Mountsorrel with plenty of parking for guests. The restaurant has a cosy, homely, atmosphere creating the sense you had been invited to your friends (rather nice) house. We were invited to take a seat in the lounge area, where they took our drinks orders and served the most delicious amuse-bouche. 

They have an extensive drinks menu, from spirits, wines, cocktails, to fine/ rare wines to choose from. We all opted for the Elderflower and yuzu gin and tonic, whilst we waited, this was by far the best gin and tonic I have ever had. It was light and refreshing, like homemade lemonade, it was perfect for the summer June day. To accompany the meal, we ordered a bottle of Malbec, because it’s my favourite which was again delicious and complimented my main course perfectly, not so much my starter but it did not matter. 

John’s house offers two types of menu the main dinner menu and the taster menu. The taster menu is made up of 7 courses for £70 or wine and food tasting for £115, which looked fantastic but something that would be more fitting for more of an occasion than just my 27th birthday. So we opted for the dinner menu. For the starter I had Raw Orkney Scallops, Oyster Emulsion, Cucumber and Horseradish, which was delicious, it was light and packed full of flavour, a perfect summer dish. My sister had a Potato dish with truffles and parmesan which were magnificent, so rich but it would have been more suitable for the more autumnal months. 


For the main course, I went with the Stonehurst Gloucester Old Spot Piglet which surprised me as I don’t often eat pork and I have never ordered pork in a restaurant before so with so many fish dishes on offer I was surprised when this was the dish I was drawn to but I am so pleased I was. The pork was cooked perfectly, it was garnished with a peanut sauce and passion fruit jelly.  

I find portions served such as these were a much more comfortable and enjoyable way to eat. We were offered desert but once we had finished our wine there was no room left to even entertain the idea. 

All the food served was absolutely delicious and the service from the waiting staff was second to none. We were greeted promptly and shown to the sitting room, where our drinks order were served, followed quickly by our three amuse-bouche before being shown upstairs to our table. The restaurant is light, bright and airy which I didn’t expect from the little cottage but created the perfect atmosphere for a summer evening as the sun shone in. The acoustics in the room are incredible for a small room full of other tables you forget there are other people around you.  

There was a young man who was absolutely fantastic, I wish I found out his name, he would explain to us, once the dish had been served, what we had ordered, he was also rather entertaining. The attention to detail was what finished the experience off, food can be lovely, but if the service is not enjoyable then it doesn’t leave you with that glowing feeling that makes you want to return. Our places were cleared away quickly, wine and water were always topped up before you had time to notice it was needed. There was the optimum amount of time between each dish, these little touches made it such a wonderful dining experience which I would recommend to anyone looking for a little gem in Leicestershire.

Thank you to my Dad for treating us and to the staff working that night for attending to us so nicely. I had a truely wonderful evening. 

This is one of my first restaurant blogs, so I am sorry if it made zero sense. 

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