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Sorry for the title confusion, this is my weekly trends post but I didn’t feel the title fitted my posts anymore as they have become more of a round up of things I have either loved or not enjoyed as much instead of trends. I am sure I will change it again but I do enjoy the post even though I have missed a couple lately. 

I should have posted this yesterday but I got carried away in the sun with the family, we set George’s paddling pool up and spent the afternoon in the orchard nursing some hangovers, enjoying some yummy food, water fights and family time. It was a very fitting Fathers day in Grandad’s memorial orchard, especially as my Dad is currently on holiday so we couldn’t celebrate with him. 

This week has been truly amazing, I have loved it all. I am going to refrain from mentioning my birthday and the weather despite them both being truly magnificent but I will not apologise for talking about items or occasions relating to both. 

Going up

Birkenstocks – When shopping last week, my mum bought me the new Arizona Birkenstocks in Mocca. I had been eyeing these up for a while so I was overjoyed when the sales assistant in Office managed to find me a pair in size 5. It proved you should always ask if you don’t see the items you want on display. When I got there these were not on display, just the one strapped mocca which I didn’t want. The sales assistant insisted on checking for me and came back 5 minutes later with the exact pair I wanted. Massive thanks to Office customer services, you made my day. I am so in love with these, I think I will still be wearing them in winter.

My dreamy pair of New Balance trainers – I have never given new balance trainers a thought, I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not until my sister bought some the other day and 100% happy to admit I stole her style on these, after a couple of wears I knew I loved hers and wanted a pair. I picked these up from office too, I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet because of the sunshine but I love them. Proud of myself for not buying them in grey. 

Lovely wedding for Georgina and Henry – On Saturday our lovely family friend Georgina married her fiance Henry, it one of the most perfect weddings I have ever seen. Her family went above and beyond making the grounds look perfect. Georgina looked absolutely beautiful and I fully welled up watching their first dance. It was a perfect day for a truly lovely couple, I am so happy for them both. It was topped off by having my mum, Andy, Hannah, Pip and Pete there too to enjoy it with.


Super proud friend moment with the launch of the Prosecco and Gin Co – My super hard working, talented friend Lauren, who already runs a business Rush Promotions, launched her mobile trailer bar on Saturday at the wedding above. I nipped up early to take some photos for her and it looks incredible. She was serving the drinks at the wedding and did such a great job. I am beyond proud of her and I know she will do an amazing job with it. For a nosy check their insta @proseccoandginco

Going down

The heat – Now I am not going to pretend not to be a heat lover, I bloody love sunshine and given the choice over usual rainy UK or this glorious sunshine then I would 100% snap this up but my god is it hard to get on with day to day life. It’s not because us Brits don’t love the sun or can’t handle it, it’s just our day to day activities aren’t usually done in these conditions so it’s hard to adapt. I have recently really got into my running, but I haven’t found the motivation to run before work and after work, it’s too bleedin’ hot, along with riding the horse or doing anything but sitting in a heap of sweat. If it could just drop down to 18/19 degrees so I can resume life as normal and my dog and horse aren’t panting/ sweating all day long that would be fab.

Lack of holiday – ok so my no mentioning of weather isn’t going too well is it? All this sunshine though is making me desperate for a holiday. After I stepped out the house this morning, in my little summer dress and sandals the warm air hit me, I realised I missed that holiday feeling. I have no holidays planned at the moment, which I don’t mind as I have been saving for other things, but I am missing that foreign city with added heat feeling.

Monday blues – Spring/ Summer has been absolutely fantastic so far this year *touch wood* so much family and friend time, ticking off things I want to do, it’s leaving me with the worst Monday blues. I love my job and I am so lucky to have a fab bunch of girls greeting me on a Monday morning but wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more days?

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