My Birthday

Is a blog about my birthday a bit self-indulgent? I don’t know. but I’ve done one anyway. My birthday to me isn’t about the presents (despite what my Mum would probably say) I have honestly had one of the best weeks of my life, celebrating with some of my favourite people. It isn’t even about doing things I want to do it is just about having time with them all. Whilst I do enjoy getting a gift or two, It’s definitely no more than I love to give gifts. Whilst shopping I was always looking at what I could pick up for other people because despite what some might think, having all the focus on me is the part I enjoy the least. 

That aside I have had the loveliest week which I wanted to share with you all and just say a massive thank you to my lovely friends and family that went out of their way to spend it with me and buy me such lovely and thoughtful things. I was so happy when I went to bed on my birthday I could have literally burst with happiness, I didn’t want to sleep. This is a little run through of my week.

Brancaster Beach – On Sunday the 11th, my little sister surprised me with the best trip to Brancaster beach with some of my favourite girls and the dogs. I talked about this more on my weekly trends so I want to go into the details again but Brancaster had been at the top of my to-visit list for a long time and it was everything I could have wanted it to be. Norfolk is such a beautiful part of the UK which I love visiting. Driving through the villages has really made me realise how much more I want to visit the area. I have Oxborough Hall on my next to visit list.


(Dress from FatFace)

Breakfast at Kilworth House – I wanted to start the day slightly differently this year, I don’t know why but we decided to go for breakfast at Kilworth House. Kilworth House is a beautiful Grade Two listed Luxury hotel down the road from where we live. It is not published anywhere but you can book in for breakfast there for £13.50 per person. The food is delicious, you can help yourself to all the pastries, cereal and continental food you want along with juice and they keep the tea and coffee topped up on your table. For my main breakfast, I had egg benedicts with Smoked Salmon instead of ham hock and it was delicious. The breakfast is served in their orangery, it was so bright and sunny, the sky was completely blue, it was the perfect way to start the morning with my family and my friend Lauren. After breakfast, we took our drinks out onto the terrace and enjoyed some morning sunshine. I would really recommend this if you are looking for a special way to start a day.


Shopping in Leicester – I have really fallen out of love with shopping. I was worried my lack of interest in it lately would leave me behind styles etc but there was nothing inspiring at all. As long as you have shoes and jeans you love I think the rest fluctuates and changes so much it just doesn’t interest me much anymore but I really needed to get a few things for the upcoming wedding season so my mum and I headed to Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. I managed to pick up a couple of dresses for weddings, some new makeup, few new pairs of shoes and trainers just bits and bobs I fancied, I tried to not be too practical about it all as it was my birthday after all.

Winstanley hotel –  We are fortunate enough to know the lovely family who has purchased and are now restoring and renovating Braunstone Hall. The historic building is so beautiful set in parkland in Leicester after being council owned for years was left to wilt away. The hotel is now undergoing a huge renovation to turn it into an amazing wedding and conference hotel. Whilst in Leicester me and Mum popped in to see them and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into the bedrooms etc. The hotel is going to be incredible, I am so excited to see it finished, it’s exactly what we need in Leicester, so keep an eye out.


Picnic in the Orchard –  The weather on my birthday is a running family joke, it always rains, always. So this year when the weather looked unprecedently kind and the forecast didn’t turn bad closer to my day we decided that we could have our traditional family tea party in the orchard at my Mum’s house. My Grandad’s ashes are scattered there with a tree and a bench for him so it meant the world to me to have all my mum’s side of the family down there together. The kids all played together, the dogs ran around and I caught up with family and friends in unusually lovely weather. It was the best feeling seeing everyone together even if only half the amount of food my mum insisted we prepared was eaten. 


John’s House – I did a whole post on this evening here, so I won’t go through the ins and outs of what we ate. The evening after my birthday My dad, my two sisters and I went to John’s House in Mountsorrel for dinner. It is a restaurant we have wanted to try out for a while now, so I was really pleased when Dad said we should book for my birthday. I had a truly wonderful evening, it’s definitely a restaurant you should check out.  

So that was my birthday week, I know how fortunate I am to have such an amazing bunch in my life and I absolutely love them all, thank you all for the lovely messages etc I received, you’re the best, untill next year.

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