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Ah, where has this week gone? I have been living in a little bubble of sunshine and Love Island, it seems to have whizzed by. Despite the odd moan at night because my bedroom is 10,000 degrees and there is literally no air anywhere I have loved every minute of this little heat wave and the excuse it has given me to live in my Birkenstocks, all day every day. 

Going up

Girls catch up at the Grey Goose – On Monday night, the girls and I headed to the Grey Goose in Gilmorton for a spot of dinner and a catch-up. I had envisaged us sitting in the garden basking in the sun because my god it was blemin’ hot but when we arrived the place was packed. After eyeing up a table outside we managed to bag the biggest and enjoyed our drinks and food out there. It was lovely to see the girls after what seemed like forever for some of them, (not so much to my two sisters who we are all probably sick of each other by now). A switch off with great girls and yummy food is just what you need sometimes.  

Todhpurs – I had a rather lackadaisical approach to my birthday week, where nothing but cake and gin consumption really happened so this week I really pulled my finger out on the Todhpurs front. We are officially in Conolly Red Mill’s Flagship store in Kilkenny, Ireland which was a massive milestone for us and we have received some really lovely emails from them since. I finally got around to sorting our trademark out which is a massive weight off my shoulders, we have been invited to exhibit at some more events and most exciting our brown samples have arrived. We are lucky that our suppliers are also a family friend, so we had a tipsy Friday night business meeting dinner to discuss the new samples and moving forward, I propose all meetings happen this way because it’s a whole lot of fun.

Dusty pamper session- Wednesday night, (the muggy one) I got our mare Dusty in from the field. We bought Dusty from Spain when I was about 12 and she was ten. She has always been special to me as she came over with my 4 year old (at the time) Missy who has now sadly passed away and it was the two of them. I can remember how slow the week went by, waiting for them to arrive. Dusty is now 25 which is rather old for a horse but she likes to make sure the other horse’s don’t know that. We have been hit with so many horse flies this summer on Wednesday I gave her a big pamper session to get her out of the heat and away from the flies. After a good helping of Wahls silver shampoo, she looked like a Unicorn. The satisfaction of making a grey horse sparkle is like no other. 

Mac Mehr Lipstick – This wasn’t actually the colour I asked the shop assistant for, I had sent her off with ‘please me’ and I didn’t realise until I got home, but I am not disappointed that she got them mixed up because I really love this colour. I got the Soar lip liner which compliments it perfectly, they are my little summer duo. 

Going Down

Glastonbury Envy – When I was younger, I loved a festival. I love live music, drinking, spending time with my friends, eating instant food and the thought of camping. Now I am older the thought is definitely more appealing than the reality which has resulted in me not booking to attend festivals anymore. However as the weekend has unfolded my Instagram has filled with numerous friends there celebrating, and it looks bloody amazing!

Blog Photography – I swear keeping up with blogging would be easier if everyone’s photographs weren’t so amazing. I don’t have trouble staying up to date with content if you saw my drafts you would see about 20 of them sitting there waiting for me to hit post, the problem? I have no darn time to take the photos to go with them. How do you lot do it? How do your homes look so white and crisp all the time with the soft pinks and rose gold accessories? Even with the best intentions by the time I get home the dogs have probably turned it upside down. I needed some photos of my recent makeup and managed to make a mark in my new blusher and lipstick – going up next week- oops. 

Putting jeans back – On Friday I did it, I put jeans back on. I have been living in a dreamy bubble of dresses, long floaty skirts and bare legs but when Friday arrived, I had no other summer clothes to wear whilst looking out the window I finally succumbed to the fact that the mini heat wave was just not really here anymore and to save myself from freezing anymore in our office jeans were probably the best option. I miss my dresses and skirts already but fear not the Birkenstocks are still going strong 9 days in a row. 


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