Summer Makeup bag additions

I have become absolutely obsessed with my skincare and makeup routine lately, so I really welcomed the change in weather to mix it all up a bit. After my high street makeup haul here, I have been exploring more high street brands and have been really surprised with how many great products I have managed to get my hands on for a fraction of the price. These are part of my Summer makeup bag. 

Zoeva Graphic brow fix –  I picked this up from Beauty Bay as a dupe of the Benefit eye gel. At £18 the Benefit gel was a product I didn’t want to continue making a repeat purchase of. Zoeva Graphic brow fix comes in three similar shades to the Benefit gel and has easily comparable results unless I get a chance to try Glossier Boy Brow I can see this product staying in my makeup bag for a while. The colour is perfect for my brows, I went for Arsenic shade which is the middle colour. This gel has so much staying power, which can make it a little unforgiving but I can’t believe how much it doesn’t budge, I was really impressed. The only thing I will say is that it has a much longer wand than the Benefit gel which took me a little while to get use to but all in all I am very impressed with it. 


Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush –  (This was the time I was trying to take nice photos and I dented the blusher – Blogging fail). Coming to an end to my benefit Dandelion blusher I was in search of something a little more affordable whilst I worked out which one to invest in. I came across the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in lovely pink. This has a lot more shimmer to it than dandelion with much more of a subtle tone, I love the highlighter element this have entwined with the pink colouring. I went off wearing blusher for a while, concerned that my cheeks went pink enough on their own, but I have found this subtle little colour really adds to my look, a great high street find. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer – I have been working my way through a mixture of concealers recently, my all time favourite being Erase Paste from Benefit but I do find the shade too pale for the summer months so I decided to pick up this little beauty find. The anti- fatigue concealer helps to perk up the skin around my eyes, reducing dark circles and blemishes. I have been using this alone with no foundation because I like my freckles.  

Soltan SPF 50 – I have been switching up my moisturisers lately after talking to my friend, a dermatologist in Malaysia. I love my Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturiser and lately I have been trying out The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA  shock but it doesn’t have added SPF which has become really important to me this year as you know sun damage = ageing skin. I picked up this Soltan SPF 50 Face protect and moisturise. I know it may seem accessive but I wanted maximum coverage and this product is fantastic. It’s thick as you would expect from SPF 50 but it soaks in so well and visibly hydrates and brightens my skin, it really gives me a summer glow, whilst giving me peace of mind that it’s protecting me all day long. I know to many an SPF 15 is fine, so don’t feel like you have to go these extremes I just wanted to try the product out over the summer. It also has that sun cream summer smell that I absolutely love. 


The ordinary Primer – Primer is the one product I struggle to remember to add into my morning routine but one that makes such a difference to the finish of my foundation. Whilst scrolling through The ordinary’s products which I enjoy doing on an all too often basis when I came across their primers. I love their products, I am always so pleased with the results so I popped it in the basket. The finish on this is so lovely, I sometimes find that Primers can leave such a soft finish that you think they are going to do a good job and then add nothing, whereas this one goes on lovely, it is quite thick but it leaves a really nice level finish as a base for my foundation.

Mac Lipstick in Mehr and pencil –  Since my braces have been fitted I have been conscious of drawing attention to my mouth so have been opting for more nude lipsticks. I wanted some pinker colours than Velvet Teddy so I headed over to the Mac stand. I had asked for ‘please me’ and the matching lip pencil, so I was a bit disappointed when I got home and found the sales assistant had given me the wrong colour but after trying it, I loved the colour and the finish so I wasn’t fused, It gives me a reason to go back and buy another. The colour is still pinker than velvet teddy giving me a more summery pink hint which I love without being too bold that I feel self-conscious. The colour is Mehr here, and the lip pencil is Soar here


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