Five Moments – June

June, what a lovely month you have been, by far my favourite this year. It has been a month filled with so much sunshine, laughter, time with friends and family. It is so easy to forget what happened in a month when it feels like they have flown by so quicky. June was the month of the Manchester one love concert, the snap election and all that mess, we continued our Todhpurs tour to Cheltenham College polo day and won a cake, I visited various different restaurants for breakfast lunch and dinner, I shopped, I gave presents, I turned 27, I celebrated other’s birthdays, I travelled to new places, laughed with friends, ate my body weight in food, I ticked off Todhpurs milestones, had fun at work, enjoyed the endless UK sunshine, shared food with friends, had family picnics, family parties, time off work, sang, drank, danced and in all just felt really bloody grateful to have such a wonderful life and such amazing people to share it with. So these are my five moments from June. 

Brancaster beach – The best birthday surprise I could have asked for. I know I have mentioned Brancaster beach twice already on this blog so I will not go into details but it was such a lovely day. Who would not love a day at the beach, a pub lunch and sneaky little Mcdonalds milkshake on the way home to finish the day off? I am beyond lucky to have this little group of friends and family who can have day trips with each other knowing I don’t have to choose between being with my mum and sisters or my friends. Having them all together in one of the most beautiful spots in the UK was a dream. 

My Birthday – I could not have done a June post without mentioning my birthday but I am aware after weekly trends and a whole post on my birthday I am sure you are sick to death of reading about it so I will mention it no more. Other than a big thank you to everyone that made my birthday so lovely, it was a massive part of why June was so bloody brilliant. 

Running – My running is improving massively at the moment. I am not training as much as I should be but I have found recently it is definitely mind over matter and I am better than I thought I would be. A good soundtrack is making a big difference and I have switched my water bottle to make it easier to drink and run. I am really enjoying noticing the difference and doing something I didn’t think I could do. It has given me a massive confidence boost.

Photography – Photography has always been a big hobby of mine. Ever since I was about 15 I was known as the girl with the camera and it was what I wanted to go to University to study but I didn’t want to do an art foundation because I had zero skills when it came to drawing etc. Recently I have been taking my photography a lot more seriously. Shooting some businesses, family celebrations for close friends etc, I have been looking into doing a recognised photography qualification, building up a portfolio and making it into something a bit more than a hobby. I want to invest in a couple of new cameras, I have a Canon SLR at the moment which I love but I feel like I have outgrown it. I would also still love an Olympus pen for day to day use too.

The week of the heatwave – June was unprecedently warm, I think we will all agree. We were graced with some amazing weather and despite the uncomfortable nights, it felt fantastic. Georgina and Henry had the most beautiful of wedding days, and I managed to snap some lovely photos (if I say so myself) of Lauren’s amazing trailer bar.  I spent afternoons playing in the paddling pool with George, listening to him scream with laughter, family picnics and gatherings, baths for the horses, beer gardens with friends and lunchtime dog walks. With work so busy at the moment I have not been able to book any holidays so it was nice to have some time in the lovely weather, it really slowed everyone down a bit and appreciate how beautiful being in England can be.

July is set to be a busy old month, I can’t wait for you to hear all about it. Until next month! 



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