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Not one to wish my life away, but God I will be happy to see the back of this week. I have had so many exciting things packed into it, a good 90% of me is over the blemin moon I have been so lucky lately, but goodness has this week been bloody exhausting. I have never had to fit so much into 7 days before and just writing it is making me teary with stress and I am just not that person, nonetheless despite the stress I have managed to do so many lovely things this week, including a sunny trip to Stowe National Trust which I posted about here, a work away day and bbq at Dunchurch Park, yummy breakfast at Kilworth House and a lovely day yesterday celebrating my friend Georgia’s Hen do with some amazing girls. These are the rest of my weekly trends.

Going up 

Poldark – I couldn’t have arrived much later to this party. I never started watching Poldark when it first came out but our kind friends at Netflix have finally uploaded the first series onto their site for me to binge on and oh God I regret not watching this sooner. I am completely hooked if you have a Downton Abbey, Victoria, The Crown size hole in your life you should really watch this. 

Mum’s Birthday – Friday was my lovely Mummy’s birthday, and I really hope she had the best weekend. We started Friday morning nice and early for breakfast at Kilworth House with the family, it is such a nice way to start the day, making her feel special before she headed off for the weekend with her Husband. We are having a party this afternoon just a low-key gathering with some tasty treats, a nice way to round one very busy week off. 

Braces – I am beyond delighted at how much my teeth have changed in these two months. I went for my third checkup and tightening on Thursday and my overjet from my top jaw to my bottom jaw has completely gone, I am so amazed at how much they have changed in such a short period of time. Having these braces fitted was the best decision I made. I will hopefully do a full update post soon. 

Dune sale – In true shopping style, I didn’t need another pair of sandals, I wasn’t looking for another pair of sandals. To be honest a new pair of sandals are the last thing I need but when I spotted these in the Dune sale for £13, yup £13 I had to have them. I did have intentions of buying them for my friend’s wedding and sending them back if I didn’t need them but that was neevvvveer going to happen. They’re here to stay. 

Going down

Cancelling Spa Day – Today I should have been on my way to a spa day with my sisters which after a day at the races yesterday is probably not a bad thing that I am actually still in bed but it was something I was so so looking forward to and really needed. We had booked and paid for it for my sister’s birthday back in February but these two weeks just have been flat out busy to the point where on Tuesday afternoon I just wanted to cry and this is from a girl who thrives off that buzz of having lists longer than her arms. Thankfully the spa have said we can postpone so I can look forward to it when we have a more suitable weekend, but with a hen do, birthdays, weddings, work away days, orthodontist appointments all in the next ten days along with animals, todhpurs orders to ship and general juggling of two jobs I honestly thought my blood pressure was going to rocket out of me like a Tom and Jerry cartoon spoof. 

Orange is the new black – I can remember sitting down to watch Orange is the New Black two years ago and becoming instantly hooked on the whole series, nothing could stop me, I rattled through the first few series in a matter of days/weeks so I was pretty excited to hear that series five was starting this summer. I have to admit really it’s a bit shit, isn’t it? I watched 10 episodes ( I know I persevered with it) but it got to the point where I was watching it just to watch it not because I was enjoying it but more just because I felt like I had to stick with it. Has anyone watched it and really enjoyed it? 


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