Braces at 27 – update #3

Since having my braces fitted I have turned 27 so thought it was only fitting that I changed the title. 

Thursday 6 July marked my third brace check up and tightening and I am quite aware that I haven’t updated you all on how I am getting on with them since the first week so here I am. I have been unsure of how to start this or even what to write as the only thing I can say is they are going really quite well. My last appointment showed the overjet between my top jaw has moved from 1.5cm to 0.8cm in just two months which has left me pretty chuffed, to be honest. My top and bottom jaw sit together nicely now instead of me having to reach my bottom jaw forward to even be close to my top jaw, it has made a massive change to my face profile which I couldn’t be happier about.

When I finally took the plunge to have my braces fitted, I knew I hated my teeth, I honestly despised them, overall quite happy with my appearance they were the one thing that got to me on a day to day basis. Looking back at the photos I took the morning of my brace fitting I honestly cannot believe how much they have changed and just how bad they were before. I don’t feel truthfully I was being too critical of myself, they had moved in different ways, shapes and forms, I couldn’t entertain the idea of my teeth staying this way for the rest of my life, I can now see why I found them so uncomfortable from time to time. 

Jones Dental Care – In this post I thought it might be benefical to discuss the dentist I use and the treatment I am having as I am aware there are so many options floating around when it comes to selecting where you go and what braces you have. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I go to a dentist in Rugby called Jones Dental care. When I discussed this in my last post I mentioned briefly that I use them because of their opening hours, which whilst there is an element of truth in this, not having to take time off work, whilst having numerous appointments is an absolute godsend there are also so many other factors why I chose Jones Dental care and some were reasons I think everyone should consider.

Firstly the reputation- with dentists in the family, I was always warned off going to a ‘cosmetic dentist’ these are the dentists that function purely to improve your appearance and offer other treatments such as lip fillers, boob jobs etc. I have always been told to avoid these because they are often not the same as an orthodontist and dentist, I don’t think it applies to the actual brace but certainly to the teeth whitening and I wanted to go down a route that I knew was fully safe, certified and had a good reputation, so tick one. Secondly an orthodontist I was comfortable with. When I had my ‘NHS’ braces I had 4 different orthodontists throughout the process, they would all move on, change, leave and each one brought with them their own views on what they wanted to do with my teeth, which as a teenager was unnerving and frustrating because I was always retelling my story and never felt there was a finish line in sight. Lana is my orthodontist and she is brilliant, she is kind, funny and honest which is all you can ask for, it is always the pair of them each time and it’s reassuring to know you are in safe hands.

Jones Dental care was not the only dentist I went to for an initial consultation (sorry guys) but it was important for me to go to the right place so I did visit a couple of others but they didn’t seem to fit as nicely as Jones’ and each one just wasn’t quite right for me. What this also did was allow me compare treatments, timings and costs.  

Fast braces – From what I know Fast Braces are an American technology (if you want to call it that) imported into the UK so it is not that common.  I have to admit there was quite a shock when I saw the brackets on my teeth because they are quite different to traditional bracket braces you would typically see in the UK. The change is a positive though as the brackets are much smaller and the majority of the time (as long as I don’t smile) you can’t really see them which was a massive benefit to me. I won’t go into much detail here because I would only be copying it off their website so if you want to know more about Fast Brace technology and why it works so well have a read here

Progress so far – So this is the scary part for me. Before my braces I would have done anything for people not to see my teeth, hence a number of photos you have all witnessed where I am not smiling, so sharing these photos has taken a lot of building up, a close my eyes moment as I hit publish and  acceptance that I probably won’t be spoken to again, however, nothing really speaks the truth better than photos, unless they have been edited which you can rest assured these haven’t.  

The photos above are pre braces – I find it really difficult to take photos of my teeth, I don’t know why, everyone else makes it look easy, but these are bad photos of how they looked pre-braces. My main concern was how far they flared forward which you can see from the first three photos, you can’t really see how bad my overjet was because I have pulled my jaw forward for all of them but the last one and my bottom lip is covering it. My orthodontist has better photos which I might be able to upload one day. 

Two months in – I would have updated sooner with photographs but as you can see I am so bad at taking photos of my own face, I am not sure what that lighting is but we will go with it. I know I will look back and regret these photos but they were the best of a bad bunch. From this, you can A) finally see what my braces look like and b) see the dramatic change in my teeth from the way they sit to the uniform shape. The day my braces were fitted some of my teeth were ‘shaved’ into a new shape and a gap was put in the middle of my two front teeth to allow more space to move. 

Face profile – I don’t really think these photos look like me (is my forehead usually that large? I don’t think it is) I don’t know if my face has changed and I am not use to it or something else? Beside from that minor blip there, I feel more confident with my braces on than I ever did with my old teeth and no braces, which actually made a huge difference to me, pre-braces I was worried about myself from a social perspective and whether having braces would make me want to stay in and avoid people more, which seems just so ridiculous thinking back. 

It hasn’t been a cheap process I grant that but it is a move I am so glad I have made. The confidence they have given me has been invaluable. I didn’t realise how much my teeth really affected my views of myself until I had my braces fitted. The fact that I can upload those photos for the World to see speaks volumes of how much my self-esteem/ self-worth has come on which I don’t think I would have ever been able to find without having my braces fitted.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If this is something you are interested in I really recommend just booking a consultation and going to speak it through with someone. You don’t have to make a decision then and there but it might be the first step to something that really changes your life. 

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