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I know I missed last week’s post, sorry about that, a free bar at the wedding followed by a Todhpurs Trade show didn’t leave me with my brain capacity for this lil’ old post of mine, rest assured I am back, and this week has been a good’un. I have enjoyed so much time catching up with the girls, a lovely meal Saturday celebrating Becky’s birthday, and my not so little cousin who is doing her A-Levels, has been doing a work placement with me all week, so it is safe to say it has been a busy one. I have added some of the highlights of last week too because despite the stress and the tears some really great things happened and I really think they contribute to the better mood this week, and restoring myself back to ‘normal’, or maybe it has something to do with Game of Thrones coming back, who knows. 

This week’s favourites

Georgia’s Wedding – My lovely friend Georgia got married at the weekend, and it was incredible. Georgia (I am sure she won’t mind me saying) was the perfect one at school, beautiful, kind, competitive, super intelligent, good at every sport, good at everything actually. There was really nothing she couldn’t do, from being the teacher’s favourite to the group favourite. So I knew this wedding even though she said it was ‘low key’ it was going to be a good one and it was. I love being with my friends, the new memories we get to make, the dancing, the laughter, the photos, maybe having a few too many drinks than I should.

Friends that have your back – Knowing your girls are amazing in every way possible but finding out on Friday they go above and beyond to call someone out for treating you like crap without you knowing, means the absolutely bloody world. Whoever says girls gossip more than guys do not live near me. 

Lutterworth has a new gin bar – It isn’t really new anymore, I just don’t go out, despite this bar location is just behind my house. However, Lutterworth, this little old sleepy town of mine has a new gin bar, and it is really rather great. Not only do they have a selection of different gins and tonics, there are plenty of seating and a large garden for people to sit in. It is the sort of bar we needed for Lutterworth as previous start ups haven’t been able to get the effortlessly cool vibe that these guys have managed. So if for any reason you ever find yourself driving through and fancy some Gin or real ale, check the classroom out. 

My big sister bought me flowers –  After my horror of a week last week (being the week before this one), my sister turned up on Friday (14th) evening with a bouquet of roses for me, and you guessed it I cried. It was such a nice gesture and actually helped me just offload what was stressing me out so much, I felt a million times better and they look so pretty. 

NowTV – This is only going on the list because Monday came around and I realised I had prepared no method to watch Game of Thrones and I knew I would not be able to avoid the spoilers. I saw that NowTV were streaming GOT and they were offering a 14-day free trial (I know that only solves the problem for two weeks, but it is better than nothing) so I signed up. I am going to make the most of it for the next two weeks, so I will let you know how it compares to Netflix.  

Going down 

Sunshine guilt – Summer is 100% my favourite season, I love the light mornings and the long nights, that feeling that I have a whole life outside of work but recently I have noticed how unfair and demanding I can be on myself during the summer months and it is all down to summer guilt. I have this overwhelming need to ‘make the most’ of the weather, and the evenings in the summer because we know the British summer doesn’t stick around for long. So I get home, throw on some different clothes and leave the house again, rushing off somewhere. In the winter I am so much lazier kinder to myself, you would not find me out with the horse until 20:30 every night, I feel no guilt in the winter going home at 5, putting my pjs on and prepping a big bowl of pasta (my mum feeds the horse in the winter, he doesn’t starve) and snuggling under a blanket. I wonder why I feel stressed and exhausted so much more at the moment. So although I don’t think I will be able to do much with my summer fomo I am going to try and slow things down a bit throughout the rest of July and August. 

Another new tyre – I don’t know anyone as bad at keeping tyres in one piece as me. I once burst two on the way to collect my Raybans I left behind in a company car, the irony behind not wanting to replace my Raybans and instead of replacing two tyres. Then there was the time I burst one on the way to a second date and he had to spend the night waiting for RAC to come and sort it out. There have been kerbs, pot holes, nails I have no luck/ am seriously bad and navigating the roads, so lo and behold driving home Sunday I hit a pot hole (inevitable on our country roads) it wasn’t bad I honestly didn’t think it would have made a difference, I stopped at the petrol station all was fine, but a few hours later I had a flat tyre. I am really trying to save money and there is nothing more annoying than an unnecessary car cost. I need that big bumper around my car that bumper cars have. 

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