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You know you have hit disturbing adult levels when being on top of house jobs and chores fill you with joy. Thanks to the horrendous weather that greeted us last weekend, that is exactly what I did whilst I was house bound and I loved it. I finished the jobs off in the garden, added slate to areas that were once a sea of pebbles, cleaned, dusted, hooved, decluttered, folded, put away, washed, hung out and spruced up. You name it (a house job that is) and I probably did it, and then I spent a lazy Sunday evening with a big bowl of soup binge watching Poldark and it’s honestly put me in the best mood ever. 

We have finally waved goodbye to Love Island and whilst I loved every single episode, they all filled me with nerves, excitement and laughter, I won’t lie I shed a tear at one or two of them too, I am pleased to have 9 pm back to do as I please. During the Island period I felt if I was not in bed by 20:40 this weird sort of unsettled feeling that I should be else where. 

An engagement – This was actually last week, and I am not going to name names because it is not my news but someone I know (cryptic soz) got engaged last week and I am over the freakin’ moon for them. It seems to have been news that has lifted everyone’s spirit and brought everyone together for lots of catch ups and congratulations. I am already counting down the days to the hen do and wedding, too keen? 

Dougal’s one year anniversary – This weekend marks a year since I got the big ginger furball in my life that is Dougal. I put up a whole post on what I have learned this year from having a dog here so have a read but honestly having Dougal in my life has been the best. He brings me so much happiness, security, he makes me more thoughtful about things that don’t directly affect just myself and I am so much more active and aware of how much I have moved around in a day. Sure he comes with his flaws but it is a decision I will never regret. 

Little baking session with my sister – If Pip had asked me before if I wanted to help her bake oreo unicorn truffles on Wednesday night I would have said no I love baking cakes etc but when it comes to intricate details I am horrendous. Nonetheless, we were baby sitting our nephew George, he was glued to the minions movie for the 100th time and I thought I would give it ago. It was such a fun way to spend the evening,  we laughed at how bad we were, how non unicorn-y they looked and the absolute mess we had made of my sister’s kitchen. It was so therapeutic and must have been just what I needed because my head felt a million times clearer once we had finished – shame she forgot to put them in the fridge after. We were left with some rather melted mismatched blobs of a unicorn.


Friday night drinks- Friday night (the night the window wiper left me, RIP) I met a couple of the girls in town for a few imporomtu drinks. We headed to cosy club just for a gin or two. It was nice to actually do my make up for the first time that week and actually sort my hair out and catch up with them over a drink instead of Whats app. I have promised myself to schedule in more casual drinks in town throughout August. 


Going down

Bloggers that don’t credit others help/work – This may seem like I am throwing shade at someone, and I am, buckets of it. 

My blog photography – Not that it has ever been up, but it is the one side of my blog that I really struggle with.  I scroll through other blogs in envy of their crisp, clean photos that capture the essence of their content completely. I am already really struggling for time and I am dreading winter rolling in when I have zero natural day light hours to shoot things in. I know many use professional photographers and I can’t compete with that but it is something I seriously need to work on. 

Saturday morning work anxiety – Without fail every Saturday morning I wake up at 4 am in a mini panic about work. I don’t know if subconsciously I am trying to switch off from the day to day norm of sitting at my desk in the morning, knowing I am going to have a lie in but it comes on like clock work and I really struggle to get back to sleep. My job is busy and I guess at times stressful but I really enjoy it so I don’t know where this onset panic has come from but it has been going on for a few months now. Does anyone else get this?

Things coming in threes – I hope it stops at three too. In the past week, I have replaced my tyre, my window wiper flew off driving to Leicester and my iPhone screen smashed on Saturday (this never happened with my iPhone which I owned for three years) I know in the grand scheme of things none of them are a massive deal, they are all repairable and a relatively low cost but it has left me feeling so deflated. It is about £100 spent that I could have actually treated myself to something nice instead I am just fixing things that didn’t need fixing. And again I know, it is just life but it is bloody annoying! 

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