A month of no Purchases – August

A month of no Purchases – August

After what feels like months of birthdays, weddings and occasions I really need a break from excessive spending and little treats so I am going to try and embark on a month of no purchases throughout August. I picked this idea from the lovely Sophie Cliff at the beginning of the year and tried with no success but I feel recently I am collecting items unnecessarily. My makeup spills out into three bags and I cannot contain all the black roll necks I own so I thought no time like the present I am going to start now. 

I am aware I can’t abandon all spending for a month, I have a house and car to run, a dog to insure and feed and then there are my monthly outgoings which I can’t do much about, but what I hope it will do is make me more conscious of where I am spending unnecessarily. 

As I mentioned above, I did try this out at the beginning of the year, however, due to the of the lack of ground rules I gave myself, I bought something ‘by accident’ and I then felt as though I had failed so I just gave up and carried on making purchases. So to give myself more of a chance I have put some rules in place on what I can spend money on and what I can’t because at the end of the day this is in the long run to improve the quality of life and I don’t want to punish or disadvantage myself in the process. 

The rules

  • Pay all household costs and home costs
  • Spending money on something that will add value to the house is ok
  • Spending money on home accessories and furnishings is not ok
  • No new clothes
  • No new makeup, exceptions are foundation as I am running very low, but only Rimmel, no Charlotte Tilbury Treats
  • Yes to nights out (within reason) 
  • Yes to meals out (within reason)
  • It’s ok if you have to buy a gift for someone- Although try to be more inventive/ creative
  • No buying lunch, brunch or breakfast 
  • Avoid reading the beauty blogs that make you want to buy things
  • No impulse buys because you are worried you it will no longer be available in a month – you’ve made it 27 years without it, you don’t really need it. 
  • Buying gingerbread men to negotiate/ bribe nephew is still ok, even if they cost you more than lunch
  • Put loose change in money box that you can’t get access to

So there it is, If for some reason or another I slip up, which I won’t because I have every confidence in myself. I am going to restart that day instead of abandoning hope for the month. I will report back once I am through with August but if anyone would like to join in please do. 

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