Five Moments – July

July what an odd little month you have been. July has come and gone in a dizzy whirlwind of emotions. There has been days and weeks filled with massive highs, and then others where I have just cried over the littlest of things, so I am hoping to move into August with the majority of the month off work I will continue to feel more settled. Despite the few weeks of stress that July brought, it was also a hell of a lot of fun. Filled with so much time with friends which is what I think carried me through, so many times I could have just picked them up and squeezed them with happiness and time with family and more importantly recognising how to look after myself better. So these are my five moments from July.

National trust – At the beginning of July, Some of the family and I headed off to Stowe National Trust, like a typical Five Moments post I have already done a post about Stowe here so I won’t go into massive detail again but I am trying to get through some of the local sites this summer and Stowe was the perfect start to our National Trust tour.  

Mums Birthday – I kind of let my mum’s birthday pass me in a stressful haze which I still feel guilty about. I love other people’s birthdays more than my own, and no one’s more so than my mum’s. She always goes to such lengths to make our birthdays so special I always like to return the favour. We started her birthday in the sunshine enjoying breakfast at Kilworth House, finished with our famous family picnics down in the orchard. Pip made the loveliest cake and we enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon eating too much. I am pretty sure the presents we bought her made up for my absent mind. 

Hen, wedding, Blessings and Engagements – The middle of July was consumed in a happy/ excited bubble of friends, gin, sunshine and I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR whats apps as we celebrated Hen dos, weddings and an engagement It was a perfect couple of weeks with friends, making new memories and watching friends start a new chapter of their lives together. We also had our friend’s baby blessing, I was yet to meet the new arrival as they live quite far away so it was so lovely to finally see them all.  

House job frenzy – I don’t know what was in the air in July but it made me go into a house job frenzy, all these jobs I had been avoiding or not found time to do just seemed to come together in July. It has given me a real buzz to keep going. The only thing holding me back to do the last few jobs before I feel the ‘project jobs’ are finished is money which I can’t really help, but guys after having this house for two years, I feel like I am finally getting there. 

A Little trip to Cirencester – For the last two days, my older sister Hannah and I have been in Cirencester at the Pony club polo tournament at Cirencester Park. Hannah use to live down here so I have some very fond memories of coming to visit and it really is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, I love it. We have stayed in a lovely little Airbnb just down the road and I have enjoyed some much needed time away from Leicestershire. 


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