The Hey it’s ok to myself 

I arrived home last Thursday night, exhausted from work, still with the horses to ride, the kitchen was a mess and the dogs had chewed up some stray cardboard box and littered it all over the living room floor and I just really couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to ride, get home make myself some buttery toast and continue my Poldark binge, this was the first time in a long time I let myself just say, Jade it’s ok the house isn’t neat and tidy, no one will see it tonight and you have all weekend to get it into shape (yes, I probably even said it out loud to myself, like the crazy person I am). I have been doing this a lot lately to help with my stress so these are my Hey it’s ok to myself…..

To put off reading a book to catch up on The Handmaids tale it was a book once….

To unashamedly not miss an episode of Love Island because that is the only summer holiday you are getting

To not enjoy planned, dressed up, big nights out any more

To buy the same grey sports socks every time you’re in Primark so you never worry about pairing them

To own more trainers than heels

To just not weigh yourself anymore to rid of half of the diet woes 

To spend money on makeup and books and have no new clothes

To not worry about buying new clothes because 1, money 2, nowhere left to put them

To book a holiday when you know you should save

To work around your sister’s washing up for five weeks because she thinks she’s Jamie Oliver and has used every pot and you just want a humble round of tea and toast and your mum isn’t there to make her do it, and it’s her mess, how will she ever learn if you do it.

To stay in when you get invited out, because blankets, tea and movies are better than feeling cold and having a hangover, or spending money

It is ok to tell yourself your neighbour’s gardens look better than yours because they’re retired and can spend all day out there. (Which is in parts true, you could have at least mowed the lawn this week though)

To buy grated cheese because grating cheese is not life

If you are sitting on the sofa watching a series, knowing your to do list is longer than your arms, down time is good for you

If you have to have vegetables blended up in soup to actually enjoy them 

To stalk the guy on Bumble because you can’t assess his height in photos

To make out you’re a 6 am go getter but had a week of 7:30 lie ins 

To see making it to the gym once a week a triumphant achievement 

That you’re not rich at 27 – Rome wasn’t built in a day 

If you’re not even sure if your own Mum bothers to read your blog 

To lose your shit in a momentous way once in a while and regret it 

If you and your other single friend complain about the quality of single men out there, despite never agreeing to meet anyone irl because whats the point these days

To drive around on your petrol light because filling up with petrol is up there with cheese grating

To delete people off social media to give you that final feeling that they are out of your life

To love some of your high street make up a million times more than the designer stuff you bought at 4 times the cost 

To bake some of those half -baked bread rolls and feel like an absolute domestic goddess 

To put yourself in the ‘what successful people do every morning’ category because you remembered to straighten your duvet out before you left. 

To put spinach in your sugar packed smoothie just so you feel a picture of health and a detox guru

If you are happier buying furniture second hand from gumtree instead of having to navigate flat packs from IKEA 

To take your dog on a ‘walk’ but actually stand on the edge of the field scrolling through Instagram whilst he exercises himself, it’s him that needs the walk, not you. 

To tell yourself, you only live once, every time you want to justify something to yourself. 

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