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This week is one of those weeks where you look back in sheer disbelief that you can pack so much into one week, work, socially and emotionally wise. On Sunday as a family, we made the decision that Monday we would need to call the vets to have our beloved family Labrador Holly Put to sleep. Holly was nearly 15 years old, she had reached the point where her quality of life had become compromised. Her body had been taken over by various forms of illness and diseases and there was nothing we nor the vets would be able to do to improve it or make her comfortable. It as always was the most heartbreaking decision, one that no one could discuss without crying but as the sun shone on her for her last walk and she refused to eat any food that morning we knew without a doubt, no matter how painful it was as a family it was the right thing to do. I also learned I am just not cut out for pets, saying goodbye to them, never ever gets easier the older you or they get. They are as much part of my family as anyone else and I will miss her dearly. Despite the sadness Monday brought, there was a comfort knowing she was in a better place, I was also down in Cirencester at the pony club polo going through waves of emotions. On a high from being down there but experiencing waves of grief whenever a friend text, this week managed to pull through to be really rather nice all considering. 

Going up

Staying in a fab little Airbnb and the best sleep – Whilst down in Cirencester we booked into this fab little Airbnb. Cirencester isn’t the largest of towns, so we opted for an Airbnb instead of travelling to Cheltenham for a cheaper hotel and it was a great decision. Kathleen’s home was so lovely, comfortable and affordable. She was so welcoming, everything we could want was waiting for us and the breakfast was amazing. I managed to sleep for 10.5 hours, something I haven’t done for a very very long time. I woke up at 7 feeling beyond refreshed and ready for Tuesday. I think subconsciously knowing that I had no early start or responsibility the next morning was just what I needed to switch off. 

Meeting some lovely people– Whilst at the polo on Monday and Tuesday we met some of the loveliest people. The two girls who were manning the stand for Polo Times and the British Polo gin, were two of the nicest girls I have met and they made the two days there even more enjoyable. For any gin lovers definitely check out British Polo gin here, not only is it so tasty and organic, the people behind the brand are so lovely it has made a huge difference to how I view a brand I didn’t really know about until Monday. First impressions always count! 

Pub dinner with my Sister at the tunnel – The Tunnel is this quaint little pub on the outskirts of Cirencester, it is not the type of pub you really stumble across, it’s a real hidden gem down some of the most winding roads. We decided to stop off there for a pub dinner whilst tackling some of our marketing plan over some delicious food and gin for me. If you are ever in the area I would really recommend, there is out door seating for the sunnier months, and the cosiest bar area with a roaring open fire in the winter, it is also dog-friendly if you have been walking, with water and treats available in the bar. 


McDougall wedding – Friday we celebrated the wedding of Meg and Callum. The wedding was in our village church followed by a marquee in one of the fields at my Mum’s farm and it was such an amazing, fun, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are surrounded by friends and family and a bit too much Champagne. The marquee looked absolutely beautiful they had thought of everything, every tiny little detail to make the day perfect. It was the first wedding where I have been to where the drinks just did not stop following, the DJ was amazing and we just danced into the early hours before our easy little walk back to mum’s house. I hope they both loved it as much as all their guest because it was one of the nicest, most well thought out and welcoming weddings I have ever been to. Thanks to mum’s generosity of letting all the spare bedrooms out to wedding guest me and my sister pip set up beds in mum’s new dressing room, I can’t say it was the comfiest night of my life but waking up back at home with the horses outside and a cooked breakfast and a rainy afternoon was the perfect way to not over do it on a ropey hangover. Congrats again to Meg and Callum it really was the most wonderful day.  

Shephard’s hut – Last year Mum bought the base for her Shepherds hut and gave the laborious task of making it to her husband Andy (as if he didn’t have enough to). He had been chipping away at it until she said it needs to be ready for the Wedding as Meg and Callum were staying it. I don’t know how he did it, or whether he actually slept last week but he managed it, lights, electrics everything was done. It needs painting inside a few additional homely touches adding in but it really came together and I absolutely love it. It will soon be available on Airbnb throughout the year although once the log burner is in I don’t think I am going to leave it. 



Going down

Saying goodbye to Holly – As mentioned above Monday we let our little Holly go, whilst the decision broke our hearts we all knew it was the right thing to do, as dog owners I have always felt a responsibility to know when the right time to say goodbye is without prolonging things for your own comfort. We bought Holly with her brother stan who we lost two years ago as companions to our other dog Roo. They were the most adorable little puppies and the most loyalist of companions the four of them, Roo the Collie, Stan and Holly the Labradors and fly the lurcher had the best personalities and brought so many fond and happy memories to our family which we will never forget. I still remember going to pick the two of them up, being in the back of the jeep with a much younger Pip not understanding why our dad wouldn’t let us call his gun dogs, lilo, and stitch. A decision I now understand and am very grateful he put his foot down. We had years of dog training with the kennel club, long walks and so many hugs and kisses. They couldn’t have been any better if they had tried and I will be forever grateful for the four of them. (I don’t think I will be able to read that back without crying more so apologies if it makes zero sense).

Brace ache – I don’t really want to put this is the down pile because my appointment on Wednesday was so positive. Everything is moving really well and my orthodontist doesn’t think I will have them on much longer. Lana asked me how I felt about them and what else I wasn’t happy with or would like changing which I loved. With the amount I have spent on improving my teeth, it was so nice for them to ask my opinion of them and what I still wanted to change instead of taking them off when they are happy. However, because they tightened them so much this week the brace ache is back up there with how it was when I had them first fitted. It is back for the juice diet for me, my mouth just feels so bruised.  

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