Braces at 27 update #4

My intention was to keep everyone updated with my brace journey as often as possible but it is really rather difficult when A. they are *touch wood* going really rather well and B. you don’t want to go into detail about the gross stuff, the mini things that you take everywhere in your bag to ensure pearly whites and how you never leave the house without extra strong mints because good God, chewing gum is now your new worst enemy.

On the 2nd August, I had my 4th is it? (I feel like I am there so often) brace tightening. From what was said the general consensus seems that everyone is really rather happy with how my teeth are moving. Lana asked me, what I wanted from my braces that I felt had not yet been achieved, almost like a shopping list of things I still wasn’t happy with, which I absolutely loved. As I mentioned in previous posts with my ‘NHS’ braces I had to go along with what the orthodontist at the time thought was best. I know technology has moved a long way since then, and also I have spent more on my braces than the NHS would have budgeted but It was so reassuring to hear that I had a say in it all. So I said what, if possible, I would still like changing and they got to work.  

I have to admit this was the first appointment that was slightly more painful, than the usual discomfort. The braces are a lot tighter than usual, today (the day after my appointment) they are really sore and I really struggled to even clean my teeth this morning but I know it will be worth it. They also used the sand paper again between all of my teeth. The first time they did this it was fine, however, yesterday they used it a lot more in between all my teeth, again it is not painful but the sensation and the noise make me cringe more than finding it painful. That aside, I am again so happy with this journey, my top jaw now doesn’t have the chain running through it, it is just a simple wire so it looks a lot neater and I am so pleased with how much they have changed in such a short period of time. 

So I have put together an update on the things I have learned in the last couple of months since my last post like this here.

Lips do go back to normal – The worst side effect to the brace fitting was my lips went into this weird duck pout I guess because my whole mouth was swollen. I was concerned I was going to look like this all the way through my treatment but rest assured they go back to normal. 

Increased confidence -The Jade before braces would have never shared photos of my teeth but my confidence has increased so much. I am happy with how I look, really happy, not in a vain I think I am beautiful way at all but in a, I’m proud I have changed something that was making me feel insecure and I want to make the most of the changes.

You feel rather proud of yourself – Not only am I proud of myself for taking the leap and having my braces fitted, I am not going to lie to you, I was nervous, really nervous about how I was going to look with them on. Not only that I am proud of myself for saving the money, 3K could have sent me on a holiday to the Maldives, but whilst it would have been a trip of a life time it wouldn’t have helped my self-esteem or make me happy in the long term which my braces have done. 

I am less critical of myself – A small concern of mine was if I started with my teeth would I want other things done to my appearance to make myself look better? Would I become even more shallow of self-obsessed (yes it’s possible guys, I’m really not that bad)? Honestly, It has done the opposite, I just can’t wait to see what they look like brace free. 

Eating gets easier – But I do wonder, was I ever able to bite anything with my front teeth or did I just dream that because it is still a no go. Can you jaw become more defined from chewing because my back teeth are doing a lot of work! 

You don’t have to give anything up – I see posts from people who are waiting to have their braces fitted who are consuming red wine and sweets as though it’s their last meal. You honestly don’t have to give anything up. I avoid red wine and coffee if I can but if I wanted a glass I would have one. Crusty bread, paninis aren’t easy either or anything you really need to bite into but like anything you grow accustomed to them and adapt. So whilst I would avoid things like Red wine, coffee, herbal teas to avoid staining one once in a while is fine. 

Brace weight loss is not a thing –  and for that I am disappointed 

Your fear of the dentist goes away- I use to get the worst pre-dentist anxiety which would make me take my two 6 months appointments down to one a year. I would only go that once to make sure I wasn’t going to lose all my teeth but since my braces and my regular monthly appointments it has really made the fear of dentist go away. I honestly do not know what use to make me so nervous.  

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  • Having just had my fixed ‘train track’ braces fitted at the age of 25, I am so please to have found your blog!! I’m on day four and only just today have I managed to eat solids. As a fellow foodie, I was getting a little worried that the next year was going to be the worst of my life…. Thank you for sharing your journey I hope you get the end result you are after 🙂 Jess xx

  • Aw thank you for your comment honestly it won’t be the worst year. Food get easier for sure! I’ve loved this year because I’ve finally changed something that wasn’t making me happy. I love the comments I get from people on how much they have changed and my teeth now sit comfortably together which they never did before. I’m glad my blog has helped you! They died down over the last few months because my braces feel so normal to me so I’m sure yours will in no time! Xx

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